Monday, August 18, 2008

My Run-In with the Majority Leader in the Utah State Senate

I won't tell you his name because I'm afraid it could get me in trouble. Maybe this post could get me in trouble even without his name. Probably not, though, because there's only, like, 20 people who read my blog, and half of them don't live in Utah. But you won't have trouble finding this guy's name online if you're curious.

Work tonight was uneventful as usual, until my second delivery of the night. 

I show up at this pretty house with a 3 car garage and lots of expensive camping equipment airing out on the front porch. A boy, maybe 12 years old, answers the door, asks the amount, and yells it to his parents who are in the kitchen. I pull the pizzas out of the bag as the father walks out to me.

"Can you take a check?"

"I can't take a personal check. We accept business checks, but not personal checks. Sorry."

He gets huffy. "Well, then you can take your pizzas back."

I'm thrown off a little. At worst people are a little annoyed that they can't pay with a check, but no one has ever told me to take their pizza back. I don't really want to go back to the store with $30 worth of pizza wasted. (It wouldn't have been entirely wasted--the employees would have eaten it for dinner, but Nick wouldn't have charged us for it, so it would have been a loss to him.) I'm deciding what to say, but he doesn't wait for me.

"Look, I'm the majority leader of the state senate, I've lived in this house for 30 years, and I've never bounced a check." He's gruff. I am uncomfortable, my eyes pleading, but I say nothing. "Do you know what that means? I'm a public figure. If I bounced a check, it would be all over the papers. I'd lose my reputation!"

My jaw drops as though I will say something, but I can't figure out what words are supposed to come out. He starts to walk away. "If you don't have cash, you can call the store and pay with a debit or credit card, and you can still have the pizza," I manage.

"What's the number?" He sounds angry enough to become abusive at any moment. Even taking my anxiety disorder into account, I believe this is a rational fear. "Who should I talk to?"

"Whoever answers the phone will be able to help you," I say, assuming he is just going to pay the bill. I give him the number.

The phone call: "I'd like to speak to the manager...Good. What's your name, ma'am?...Oh. What's your name, sir?...My name is _____. There's a nice young lady here who says she can't take my check." 

From the tone he's been using, I'd never have guessed he thought I was a "nice young lady" or even a human being with feelings. 

"Look, I'm the majority leader in the state senate..." etc., everything he told me. 

"No one told my wife you don't take checks when she made the order." 

I was not about to step in and tell him I took the order and had given her the option of cash or credit, saying nothing either way about checks. Luckily, the wife spoke up and said what I was thinking. She and her daughters were clearly embarrassed. 

"Look, I'm a CPA, so I know a check is the same as cash." 

Yeah, if it's a cashier's check

"Where are you from? I'm from Chicago. You're probably from New York, right?" 

How is this relevant? 

"You're from Massachusetts? We're both Easterners."

Since when is Chicago considered the East?

"Then you must understand that a check is the same thing as cash. I'm from an old school of thought and I'm a CPA, so I understand that a check is as good as cash...Yes, I understand--trying to build a business and everything, but it's all money in the bank...Yes, you can talk to her."

Mr. Logical Fallacy hands me the phone, and I'd like to say, "Nick, I'm sorry I sicked this long-winded bastard on you," but I just say, "Hi, Nick." He tells me I can take the check as long as the man shows me his driver's license and I write the license number on the check. I hang up the phone and tell Mr. Impressive Title what Nick said.

Taking the phone back, "What's that number again?"

Why is he still pissed? He's getting his way. I really hope the restaurant's not busy right now because Mr. Doesn't Know When to Stop has been keeping Nick from making pizza or doing anything else for several minutes, and who knows how long he'll talk this time.

The second phone call: "Nick? This is ____ again. I'm going to give you my American Express number, and pay for it that way."

Huh? Why have I been standing in this guy's front hall for the past 10 minutes?

"Look, why should I give my credit card number and the security number on the back when some unscrupulous business owner could make fraudulent charges on it?...A check is the same as cash--"

Again? Really?

"--but with a check you get the amount I give you. Don't you know what someone could do with the account number for a card with no credit limit?"

1) Is he accusing Nick of being a corrupt business owner? I thought people were supposed to distrust politicians, not the other way around. 2) Is he bragging about his credit?

An embarrassed daughter emerges from the kitchen and tells me I can put the pizzas down if they're getting heavy. I thank her, but hold on to the pizza. Somehow, having the boxes in my hands is giving me a sense of security. Without them, I would feel naked and vulnerable.

Mr. Ridiculously Pissed Off gives Nick the credit card number and angrily reiterates everything he has already said in both phone calls. After he hangs up, he takes the pizza from me. "This isn't your fault. You've been very professional about this."

Since when is staring uneasily at the pizza boxes I'm holding considered professional? Whatever.

"I'm sorry about this," he continues, but he still sounds like he's stifling profanity with great difficulty.

"Oh, no. I'm sorry for the confusion and inconvenience." Let's end this amicably. I turn to the door.

"Hold on just a second."

Ah! I just want to get out!

"Does anyone have any cash? I don't have any. Someone have a couple bucks?"

One of his daughters comes up with $2. Crappy tip, especially after making me suffer through that ordeal.

Aren't politicians supposed to be charismatic and stuff? I guess it doesn't matter what they're like in their private life. Maybe it should matter. Needless to say, now that I am registered to vote in Utah, I will not be supporting ____, current Majority Leader in the Utah State Senate. If you live in Utah, I hope you won't support him either. He is obnoxious and prideful. He argues illogically, citing irrelevant details as some sort of proof. I suspect his overly aggressive and defensive behavior masks some insecurity. But what do I know?

Current song: "The Outsiders," R.E.M. featuring Q-Tip, an either unfortunate or ironic name for a rapper.


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Annie said...

I think his annoying ability to whine aggressively until he gets what he wants makes him a good--or let's say a typical--politician.
Someone should tell him its not 1985 anymore--hardly anyone takes checks still. That story is unbelievable! (but highly enertaining)

Aaron Thompson said...

You Rock! Way to stay cool with a jerk of a politician.

Curtis said...

Good work, Bramble is a major blow-hard. Know that it was nothing personal, he just likes to show people just how important he is.

Perhaps you should set up a paypal for tip donations - I know I would give a few bucks for the "honor" of talking to the Senate Majority Leader!

Alex said...


would there be any way that we could get you to come on our show this evening anonymously to talk about what happened? Alex Kirry KSL Newsradio's NIghtside Project

Alex said...

sorry that email is

Unknown said...

I am shocked by this. This is not the Curt Bramble I know.

Curt is humble, kind, soft-spoken, deferential, low key, and so on.

JDD's Standard Time blog said...

Good for you for letting us know about an incident with this pompous jerk. I hope the righteous people of Provo will dump this idiot. Keep bein' such a great pizza deliverer.

Sunny said...

Humble, kind, soft spoken... that's the best laugh I've had in quite some time. Bramble gets his rocks off bullying anyone he possibly can.

Bob said...

Let us know if there are any repercussions, or anything Mister-majority-leader does. The Utah Blog Community sticks together.

Unknown said...

Oh, I forgot. The Curt Bramble I know would not have given you a two dollar tip. One dollar, maybe, but not two.

Reasonable Poster said...

Even though it wasn't pleasant, I wish every Utahn could see our majority leader up close like you did. I'm sorry to say, but I have heard rumors of him doing exactly the same type of thing to legislators, opponents and anyone else who gets in his way. You should be proud of what you have written here. Utahns are indebted to you for your courage!

Unknown said...

Thank you for your story! Keep up the good work!

Josh Daniels said...

This is a funny story, but you have to realize that this is Curt's personality. He is from Chicago and carries with him that eternally-outraged about something sense. It is actually a great asset because he really fights hard for things he believes in and doesn't give up easily (like the idea that it seems ridiculous that you can't pay for things with a check). As a State Senator I have found him to always be very direct, helpful, and always sticks up for what he believes, which in most cases are good things. How many of us have also been ticked off or outraged or inconvenienced by some company or stores policy that didn't seem to meet our needs, is it so wrong that one of us decided not to give in and raise a little fuss once in a while. It's not like he abused you or yelled at you, he was just upset at YOUR EMPLOYER's or YOUR COMPANY's dumb and inconvenient policy. In the process you felt uncomfortable, but hey, grow up, sometimes life is uncomfortable. You don't sound like the sort of person that is good at de-escalating these sorts of things anyway, instead you hold it all inside and then rant on your blog rather than laugh it off and lighten the situation.

Unknown said...

Best laugh of the night!

Sad for a While said...

To Mr. Daniels:

I understand that this is Mr. Bramble's personality. I also understand that this characteristic was nurtured by the culture of Chicago. Nonetheless, I consider it a character flaw in Mr. Bramble and anyone else who shares it. I appreciate someone who fights hard for what they believe, but assertiveness is as effective as aggression and avoids alienating and offending others. I do not mind that he disagreed with my company's policy, but I think it was needless for him to be rude to my manager. Also, for a small business, it is a wise policy not to accept personal checks. It may be inconvenient, but it is not dumb. As for your comment that I am not good at de-escalating such situations and that I hold things inside and rant on my blog, you are are correct, sir. It is a weakness I recognize in myself, and I am working to correct it, to "grow up," as you put it. Thank you for your comments.

CS said...

wow that guy is nuts. props to you for staying cool. i had a similar lady come into the mac store this year. it's so strange to see grown adults pull temper tantrums! what a loser...

CS said...

and to Josh Daniels, you have clearly never worked retail or in customer service.

you'd be amazed at the crazy, irrational behavior of many customers. it is not any employee's responsibility to de-escalate a situation like this or "laugh it off." how naive can you be?

if i had been delivering the pizza and felt in danger of an angry customer i might have called the police. mr big shot should consider himself lucky that this didn't occur.

if he's worried about bouncing checks being in the news, imagine a police visit to his house?

and lastly i'm from boston. growing up in the cold, mean northeast (of which Chicago is definitely not EAST) is no excuse for being rude. i would never use my heritage to justify rudeness to ANYONE.

02445 said...

Digg this:

Joyce Wilson said...

About two months I attended an executive session with some state legislators, Bramble included, regarding higher education.

Bramble stepped out of the session three times to talk on his cell and stayed in the session and answered his cell three more times. Of course, he was not the only one to use his cell during our presentation - Sen Dayton, Rep Hillyard (sp?) and another named Fowlkes (sp?) all believed that talking on their cells during our presentation was apparently acceptable and warranted. Then we have to wait for these rude individuals to vote on our proposal when they have missed out on a great deal of it.

Being from Chicago or New York or LA or anywhere is not an excuse for a lack of common courtesy and a lack of manners.

5 said...

Wow i know you say you are 24, but by the way you brought this out i would have guessed you were 15. I'm only 16 mind you and i wouldn't even be so stupid as to write "my run in with the majority leader in the utah state senate." how many of them are there honey, use commmon sense before you won't say his name but you'll use his title. Also the daughter wasn't embarrassed (she actually wishes she wouldn't have tried to be welcoming and ask you to sit down because she didn't know you were using the pizza as a "sheild" for all the unspoken words he said to you...) she's one of my close freinds calling me after the incident laughing at the stupiditiy of the blog and for you to even think that the wife and kids were embarrassed (they have seen what his assertivness, not aggression, can accomplish. i am also sorry that you got embarrassed of your father obviously you two have issues because his family could be nothing but supportive of anything and everything he does) and second you have lost many respectable costumers (6 families just close to the daughter) for your manager's small business who you were trying not to give a headache, another idiotic call. my bad i was the one that recommended this place, but i now see it was not a good recomondation after all. Nice 5 minutes of fame to make yourself look like an immature 24 year old, who is a wanna-be-journalist still delivering pizza. you have a couple attributes of a journalist though, you leave out the facts and like to hype up a situation to the point of making a mountain out of a mole hill, way to be! I don't know about you, but i'm glad we have a politician who isn't just a yes man and takes crap from other public figures to little pizza delivery girl's blogs (when he didn't say anything really to you, let's be honest) and keeps fighting for laws and good things to come to this state. If he's this passionate about pizza then think of what he's accomplished in the legislater you don't have to support him, but those who acutally pay attention to politics and have a voice, not sit on their butts blog, will.

Emily said...

Holy cow, 5. Talk about losing customers...your inappropriate tirade will likely cost your friend's dad many votes in this upcoming election. Blogs are absolutely for venting about the stupid/maddening/inane encounters of your day. Blogs are for anything you want to give voice to. I'm thrilled that this maddening encounter found an audience, because nobody should be treated like that for explaining a company policy that makes absolute sense. Especially not a female pizza delivery person who is already vulnerable by nature of the job, i.e. going into strange homes/dark streets, etc.

Bramble's real or perceived hostility, and 5's little rant were both quite unwarranted, in my opinion.

More Bacon said...

Gotta say, not surprised. Although I have never met the Senator in person, I have read enough that he has said and has been said about him to find this sadly expected. Sorry that he was unpleasant to you.

Many businesses in the area don't take personal checks--it's not uncommon at all. I work in banking and could assure the Senator that checks are, unfortunately, not as good as cash. In fact, many people won't even accept cashier's checks as payment due to rampant fraud.

The thing I found funny was him trying to use his title to get what he wanted. We get that all the time at the financial institution where I work. People will use title, church callings, etc, to try to convince you to do something you cannot. Sadly, this changes nothing. A business must enforce policies to protect itself from as many losses as possible, and sometimes, that becomes inconvenient.

On a side note, he shouldn't be worried about his credit card. If he only authorizes one transaction, it wouldn't matter if Nick had the number and ran millions of dollars up on it--he wouldn't have to pay a dime on it. It couldn't be reported as delinquent during the dispute process, and nothing bad could've happened to him. Of course, Nick's a good guy, so he wouldn't do that.

Charging people extra on their credit cards is bad for business anyway. :)

Sad for a While said...

Dear 5,

My intention in my blog was not to cause anyone a headache, nor was it to misrepresent anyone or mislead readers. I wrote the situation as I perceived it--imperfect as my perceptions may be--and I honestly did not think anyone but a few close friends and family would read it, and to them it would be a funny and not a serious story. I was not trying to make a big deal of the situation. Someone else decided to make it a big deal. I apologize for my naivete and thank you for your comments.

Unknown said...

Sad for a while, you shouldn't have to apologize for any of your actions especially to 5 or to the Senator. Myself and many of my friends enjoy your writing style and believe that you did a great job in expressing yourself and exposing the abuse of power.

Your blog was linked on another blog that is part of Utah Bloghive . I'm glad that you blogged about your encounter, sadly though, I doubt that it will effect the election any.

Dave said...

Since he seems to think a check is the same as cash, he shouldn't have any problems with you writing an I.O.U. for three pizzas.

Sad for a While said...

I do not apologize for writing the story or for clearly identifying Bramble. If a public figure acts like a jackass, guess what, it will be made public! However, I wish I had considered how far this blog could reach. It would have changed the way I wrote the story. I meant it to be funny, to show how ridiculous this man was, but I wrote it while I was still half angry about the incident. I wish I had been calmer when I wrote it. Bramble would have appeared no less stupid, and I would have been less deserving of criticism. As it is, I responded to aggression with aggression, albeit delayed, which drops me to Bramble's level--or at least somewhere in the vicinity. The difference is that I rarely get this angry and even more rarely belittle others, whereas Bramble's rudeness is chronic. Also, I spend copious amounts of time working to correct my character flaws, and, from what I can tell, Bramble does not. But that is unfair for me to assume. Maybe he is in anger management classes and on medication. Maybe he is up against incredible, nearly insurmountable odds. We all have flaws, some serious and some not. What matters is that we try to correct them.

Reasonable Poster said...

Dear sad for a while,

Do not for even a second compare yourself to Bramble, nor should you have any reason to feel bad. Your post wasn't mean spirited or unfair, it was a public service. In your post you were fulfiling the role of a journalist which is a vital position in society. People need to know how their elected efficials behave and the way they treat others is very telling. The Salt Lake Tribune agrees. Did you see the kind words they had to say about you here on the August 20th posting:

Sad for a While said...

Thank you. I hadn't seen what the Tribune said.

Katie said...

Wow... I don't read your blog for a couple of days and look what happens!!!

Hope things are calming down a little now. Hugs!

Tom said...

Wow. That's the power of the Internet for ya. Everyone has a voice. Most politicians (including Bramble) haven't figured this out yet. But this little incident tells me more about the guy than some prepared speech. I know people aren't perfect, but I see this guy's true colors -- despite the couple of people who have posted comments in his defense (probably staffers paid to protect his image). I live in Utah, and I won't vote for him. You can't be a "great guy" in public and a jerk in private.

Ironic that he mentioned how bouncing a check could affect his reputation. He's done far worse than that here. I hope your blog gets read by 1000s more. (I found a link to this on Twitter, so word is obviously getting around.) Thanks for sharing.

DaveGarber1975 said...

I find it sad when folks consider themselves to be above following store policies (or party rules or even the law or whatnot, in some cases). It sounds like this guy may have some sort of superiority complex.

My sympathies! I hope that the rest of your evening went far better.

I spent quite a number of years dealing with an inferiority complex, depression and anxiety, et cetera, myself, by the way. Thankfully, I'm much better today, on average. I've found that learning to soothe your feelings of anxiety is a skill and, like any other skill, it takes effort and practice. I wish you every success in mastering it.

Silus Grok said...

Oh man! … he's such a ass.

He should stick to giving hot air balloon rides.

John Potter said...

Handled better than most grown-ups, and recieved plenty of snotty,defensive replies from upper-crust, spoiled brats and the political elites rushing in for damage control!? Would that be a fair assumtion?

Great post, showing the "desensitising" that takes root when those with powerpower/influuence like to use it to "alienate" others and show how "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts, absolutely.

Way to stick to rules and policies. (too bad the manager didn't stick to his guns). If they work for most (without incident) they very well may just become standard for all someday

Stori said...

If we see a bill next legislative session requiring all small business owners to accept personal checks, we'll know why.

I love the internet!

K. Morris said...

As uncomfortable as the situation was for you, your retelling was witty, humorous and yet pointed.
I see hope springing from this situation. First, that you know, regardless of what others may have said, that you did handle the situation just fine and can have confidence to handle these things in the future. I mean, what EXACTLY were you supposed to do differently? Argue with the guy? That's ridiculous. Secondly, that Nicks business will gain a following from this, instead of being hurt by it. Next time I am in Utah County, I will be stopping by myself and have passed your blog on to family and friends in the vicinity. Lastly, my hope is that Mr. Bramble has seen your blog, has heard other peoples views(not his cronies,mind you)about his actions and his demeanor in general, and has at least considered that his actions were at best asinine. Maybe, he will act on that. Though, no one should hold their breath.
Anyway, Kudos for your story. It was well written and fun to read.

The Kay's said...

Senator Majority Leader Curt Bramble verbally attacked my 14 year old son at a Republican State Central Committee Meeting last year in Provo in the Provo City Council Chambers. He kept repeating to him in two separate occasions that he (My Son) “had no class”. Why did Senate Majority Leader Bramble tell my son that he had no class; because my son refused to shake his hand.

My son and I were having a conversation when Senator Bramble not realizing or caring stepped between my son and I to introduce himself to me since he had never met me (or my son) and we had exchanged e-mails with each other. (The e-mails started off sort of nice and got uglier from that point.) The Conversation between Senator Bramble and I at the meeting got to the point that Senator Bramble began making insulting and other derogatory words towards me, and I kind of felt that he was hoping that I would hit him so that he could get me charged with an assault, my son who is big for his age stepped around Senator Bramble and stood by me. Senator Bramble asked if this was my son and I told him it was said his name; Senator Bramble went to shake my son’s hand and my son refused to shake his as he had just heard Senator Bramble attack me verbally. It was at that point that Senate Majority Leader Curt Bramble told my son “You don’t have any class just like your father”; “You have no class at all” “Like Father, Like Son, no class”. Senator Bramble kept repeating that as he walked away.

My son and I were about to leave when Senate Majority Leader Curt Bramble came up to my son and I and put his right hand on my left shoulder and said “You know even Democrats will shake my hand” and reached his hand out once again to my son who again refused to shake it. I asked the Senator to please remove his hand from my shoulder and he ignored my request and again began to tell my son and I how we had no class. I asked the Senator the second time to remove his hand and again he ignored my request and gripped my shoulder tighter with his hand, and on the third request I demanded very forcibly that he remove his hand from my shoulder and he finally complied to my request. Senator Bramble still kept up the verbal attack until I informed him that he had rudely interrupted my son and I conversation and that he needed to back way.

I contacted the Capital Hill to find out who sat on the ethics committee. The Secretary there needing some information asked who the Senator was and when I said Senator Bramble she informed me that he was from back east, she thought Chicago and he does come across harsh but that is just his personality and Senate President Valentine told me the same thing.

I believe Senate Majority Leader Curt Bramble actions speak for themselves. My question is if he is that rude to a Pizza Delivery Person that she felt threaten by him, he attacks my fourteen year old son, and I have heard of others, what is happening behind close doors of his home?

Greg & Linda said...
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Stori said...

I wonder how many people from Chicago would be offended at Bramble's using his home town as an excuse to behave in such an ungentlemanly manner.

That doesn't induce anyone to forgive him, only to avoid Chicago in the future.

Becky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pinetree said...

As a 22 year old student who just got out of a job as a pizza delivery driver, and as a guy who attended the Utah State Republican Convention as a spectator as well as the Utah County Republican Convention as a delegate, I am pissed off on your behalf. Thank you for writing this story. I hope everyone in Provo who has ever worked any sort of customer service job will head to the voting booth in November and kick this guy out of state politics for good.

Bramble was a pompous jerk at the State Convention and its easy to imagine this scenario playing out. He's a pretty dirty politician as well.

I'm embarrassed for Josh Daniels and this 5 person (who is supposedly friends with his daughter or whatever) for getting so offended and being so quick to come to this guy's defense. Why do they feel like they need to cover for him? Can't the guy take care of himself? What are they trying to hide?


At any rate, thanks again. You're awesome.

Michael said...

"A person who is nice to you but rude to the waiter is not a nice person."

While I heard this saying originally in the context of dating, the message is still applicable. People who are nice only to the people they have to be nice to are not, in fact, nice people. And it appears our State Senate Majority Leader is one such.

To Mr. Josh Daniels:

The policy may have been dumb and inconvenient, but the fact is that Sen. Bramble did in fact verbally abuse, intimidate, and yell at the delivery driver. And you're defending him for it, telling the victim just to "grow up". Based on your response, I'd have to conclude that you are not a particularly nice person either.

And to 5:

You may have some good points to make, but your inability or refusal to use proper English language skills makes it almost impossible to tell. Seriously, paragraphs? Commas? Capitalization? Are you familiar with any of these things? I realize that you're not a high school graduate yet, but still. Your little tirade is practically unreadable.

And now I'm done.

007 said...

Thanks for the great story. It just reinforces everything I have ever heard, seen, or experienced with Senator Bramble.

Your depiction of the encounter was entertaining, to say the least. I hope that Utah County will finally wake up. Utah doesn't deserve arrogant politicians like this.

Floyd R Turbo said...

It's obvious that Bramble believes he is superior to others and is a hypocrite. Crowing about being from Chicago is moronic and others using it as an excuse for his behavior is, well, it's just weird. Also, you would think a CPA would know his liability regarding credit card fraud (even if he does have a card with no credit limit)! If he's such a smart CPA from Chi Town, why didn't he ask the store when he ordered if they accept checks? He's just a guy who feels he has entitlement and is better than everyone else. And 5, you are one of his daughters, right? And Josh Daniels, you need to find somewhere else to place your lips.

Mr. Hughes said...

Saw this on the news. Interesting and sad that people act this way. Way to share what is happening with our elected leaders. Keep it up!

Darwin, Jen, Jensyn, Hurley, Violet, and Daphne said...

Sounds like he is a complete jerk! I am glad that you got your way, and next time you have to deliver there, make sure you jack the price way up!

Katie said...

I hope Bramble is able to learn from this incident. I believe he has done some great things for Utah, but his abrasive personality make him a difficult person to respect.

ejemory said...

Just another example of how Bramble attempts to use his position to circumvent policy and procedure. I've had the Bramble experience a few times and I wish he'd go away. Some people may feel he's passionate; I feel he's rude. He owes you a public apology. Unfortunately, Bramble will not change his boorish ways, even with all the negative publicity. I don't understand why he feels that he should be treated differently than any one else.

Nephi said...

Let's not forget the core issue here: Nicolitalia makes the best pizza in Provo.

ICANCU said...

I am serious.....this guy is a JERK. I have known him my whole life. He was actually my scout master. He has the worst temper and has no regard for others. This is one guy that truley believes the world revolves around him. Get a clue Kurt.

Nathan said...

Thanks for your post. Pretty amazing what some people will do with their position. Keep posting!

Stranger*Pop said...
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Jarvie said...

I have no previous knowledge of this guy that is apparently a senator in my town.
But I've read through and it seems that the only two people trying to defend him really didn't do it.
They just excused his faults and tried to make us think they were strengths.

I must admit that going against the grain and not being willing to always be complacent is a wonderful thing.

But it's hard and whoever does it must take special care to do it right.
Thus = Fail!

Supporters should consider telling us of virtues or the many wonderful policies he's faught hard for that we would suffer without him around. Not excuse him from where he's from.

What bothers me (maybe) the most:
These personality styles, though they are great for getting things done, can leave a deep impression on people around him (kids) and they begin to TRY to imitate them and often come up with a flawed imitation. Thus the kids have a higher possibility of just become jerks or kids who think they can get whatever they want if they complain about it.
That's very scary to see... but there are so many kids that watch and imitate poorly what their parents do. (Because they just want what they want and are willing to act their way to it)

I worked at a bank 4 years.
A check is the same as cash.
1. If there is enough money in the account.
2. The check is real / not fraudulent
3. No one disputes it or cancels it.

So while my business prefers checks because of ease... a credit card is a more sure thing in my opinion.

Valley said...

Great job "Sad for awhile." Jerks like Bramble need to be exposed and the timing of his tantrum could not have been better.

Hopefully the people of Happy Valley will take note, go out on a limb and fire the arrogant A--. Thanks to Bramble and his friends on Capital hill, many Ogden Valley residents have lost their constitutional rights thanks to HB 466 - the developers dream bill that created the company town of Powder Mountain, aka Powderville as we call it.

The editor of the Standard Examiner even weighed in this morning with tightly clinched fists to encourage all of us in the "Top of Utah" to express our displeasure at the voting booths.

The powerful Bramble lost touch long ago with his constituents, and Provo needs to send him back to the CPA firm year round.

Click here to read more about HB 466 and the Standard editorial.

Valley said...

Sad For Awhile,

we just highlighted your story on the Ogden Valley Forum. Keep up the good work and we will be checking in on you from time to time.

Unknown said...

Dear Anna,
I love your story and you have every right to write and say the things you have. Senator Bramble has every right to be mortified of his behavior. I realize that things may have calmed somewhat in the past few days, but get ready for wave two now that has you on the board. You have brought to light actions that we never get to see, apparently of someone deserving of the extra attention. Stay strong and know there are thousands who stand behind you in spirit, and in front of you in your defense of the idiot masses who behave just as badly.

Curtis mentioned setting up a PayPal account. I would love to throw some money your way if you have one.

Be strong, and keep at it.

Carina said...

A. I can't stand the man, never could, never will. Sometimes I think he thinks he's Boss Tweed. And guess what? I'm allowed to not like him and not vote for him because this is still as much my state as it is his.

B. Nick makes the best pizza and we order from you guys all the time.

C. Be Cool to the Pizza Delivery Dude should be everyone's operating philosophy.

D. Who even writes a check anymore? How much more old school can you get? Do you need a quill pen along with that check? For the love...

Robert Anthony Pierce said...

Oh, geez. Sad for a while, I hope all this attention isn't embarrassing for you. And I hope you don't get in trouble at work or anything. Has there been any negative fallout from all of this?

I just wanted to say (and you can tell your boss, too) that although 5 claims you lost six families as crustomers (I made that word up during my years of working for tips), I hereby vow to order pizza only from you guys from now on. Your blog did me a bit of service: I already knew Bramble was shady, but I didn't know Nicolitalia's delivered! Which is a shame, because I've always said it's the best pizza in town.

Anyway, I just dodn't want you feeling bad about a few lost customers. Everyone knows old Republican Mormons are the worst tippers anyways. People who value the virtue of thrift over the virtue of generosity are going to the terrestrial kingdom at best....

Mike said...
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jerry said...

You are very funny. What a great story. He has a reputation for being a huge jerk.

dterryphotography said...

Okay, I'd almost chalk this up to just a "bad day" for Mr. Majority Leader... I mean, everyone has 'em, right?!?

That is ... until "5" spoke up. "5" cemented in my mind that this kind of attitude runs in the family as a Badge Of Honor.

Sad, really.

Thanks for the blog post.

Joshua Thompson said...

I used to work in a high end steak house in downtown Salt Lake. I had a run in with Mr. Bramble who was quite upset that I didn't know 'who he is.' I was his server and when he wasn't happy with some of his food I offered to replace it with something he would like. He became upset that I didn't offer free dessert also (which was funny because a lobbiest was flipping the bill.) He left in a huff stating that I had been 'snide, and didn't even offer a free desert. He obviously doesn't know who I am.' The guy was a total jerk and about as arrogant as it gets. What is funny is at the restaurant I had served the Governor, and U.S senators and celebrities and none were so arrogant or rude as the state majority leader (Bramble).

Kim Allgood said...

Hey there,

I am sorry you had to endure this. He is an intimidating public figure, you are a pizza delivery girl. You handled it exactly how 99% of girls in your place would have- (Yes, 96% of statistics are for all intensive purposes false)- but the statistic above is one of the four percent that is absolutely true!:) Good luck to you!

Unknown said...

what a jerk

Jocelyn said...

Way to go to get some time in the spotlight. Sad that you had to bring down others to bring yourself up but whatever works for you. In the long run, it doesn't matter who offended who, but you just gotta turn the other cheek and forgive. That will be a sad day when you go to apologize for being such a whiny, bitty about the whole thing!

Jarvie said...

I wonder if you understand how much you're not helping this situation.
I mean Big time not helping.

Most of us are all willing to believe that the senator might have had a bad day. But 5 and you are really really bringing him down with your attitudes.

Don't misconstrue her intentions she has said from the start it was just an attempt to share an event with friends and family. It was KSL and us that put her (story) in the spotlight.
And it's offensive when you talk about the need to forgive and yet call her actions whiny and bitchy (yeah we know what bitty means)

Yeah i think we need to forgive but we don't need to forget when it comes to voting day... and if so many other stories are coming out about his attitude problem then this needs to be addressed.

Gabe said...

My friend shared your post, and I am sharing it myself. Way to stick it to the man.

Cameron's Corner said...

That was awesome! If I wasn't married, I'd totally ask you out. In fact, I'm tempted to ask you out anyway.

Andrew said...

Very nice post. I found you after watching the story on

If it were up to me, I would pass a law forcing every person alive to work for a year or two in a customer service related field. Delivering pizza, as a cashier at a grocery store, working at a call center, flipping burgers, waiting tables, etc... If everyone had to the experience of working such a job, the attitude that soon-to-be FORMER Majority Leader Bramble espouses would not exist.

I've never understood how people can be so rude to others, and treat them like a lower class, but I think part of it is just that they've never been treated how they treat others and have never felt the hurt they cause.

As someone else previously posted, don't get down if you start getting flooded with a bunch of posts attacking you. The boards are full of ignorant, rude, close-minded people. But know that there are many more people out there that support what you've blogged and reported than those who don't.

P.S. Even before reading any of your blogs I knew you had to be cool, just by reading your blog title! R.E.M. rules! I love "Why Not Smile".

Unknown said...

I had a very similar experience with Mr. Bramble about 17 years ago while working for a jewelry store. I guess some things or people never change.

clarsen said...

When I saw this story on the news, I immediately knew that this was the same guy who had come into my dad's office and done pretty much the same thing. He thought everyone was out to rip him off, everyone was incompetent, and his title as "senate majority leader" excused his behavior. I am definitely with you on not supporting him the next time he runs for office.

Unknown said...

My dad and his encounter with Bramble below:

"We also had a funny encounter with him at Riverside CC about a month ago. Evidently, he was in a foursome behind us golfing and when we got to the 17th tee we had to wait because people were still on the green. While we are waiting, he pulls up in his cart with one of his sons. I didn't know who he was. He pulls up, says hello, introduces himself and then asks me 'So what do you do for a living?' I told him what I had done and then I asked him what he did for a living. He said he was a CPA; hesitated and then said 'And I'm also President of the Utah Senate.' He REALLY wanted me to know that he was President of the Senate. I remember thinking at the time that it was weird and kind of funny."

More of my thoughts on my personal blog

Unknown said...

You are BRILLIANT! And very funny too. Thanks for the great story.... it's like an E True Hollywood story but MUCH BETTER. This one is much closer to home - and will possibly end the career of an impossible Senator. YAY YOU! :)

Ripvanryan said...

It's amazing the amount of thought and interaction a single piece of good writing can inspire. A very nice post, Sad For a While.

... said...

I don't know Senator Bramble personally, but what I've heard of his reputation at the Senate the M.O. you describe is par-for-the-course, unfortunately.

And if 5's comments are true then it sounds like the apples don't fall to far from the tree... again, quite unfortunate.

Last but not least, it should be worth noting that American Express refunds fraudulent charges with a simple phone call (I know from experience). Collecting on bad checks is nowhere near as simple (I also know from experience). As a CPA he probably knows that too... but maybe he's not a very good CPA.

Mars said...

It doesn't matter the political party of the politician, if they act like this on a consistent basis in private than they have no right to represent us in public. What a scumbag! Thank you for telling the truth.

Tom said...

I've been following this Bramble thing on your blog for several days now, and all I can say is thank you for blogging. I appreciate your honesty. The SL Tribune was right -- you are a talented writer. (I wrote a little recap here: Blogging for democracy)

Jarvie said...

I have found 2 dozen comments and additional stories about this Bramble guy in these last couple days on this post and a couple others.
People are coming out and speaking up.

I've compiled them here
In a post called Bramble's Follies

K said...

I'd like to say something here. I'm glad you're reading these. You certainly do NOT have to answer me.

I have known Curt Bramble for over a decade. Curt has really taken care of me and the welfare of my family. He's been there when we needed him. He is honorable, honest and he really is doing his best in the legislature to do the right thing by Utah, by the citizens.

I know that he comes across as a strong personality, and that he expresses himself with energy - and when he kids, it can sound intense. But behind all of that is a very good man. i'm just telling you my experience here. A very good friend.

I'm sorry that the tone of things got out of hand. I'm sorry that this little interchange got so - just wrong. I wish I had been there to hear, and I could have helped you guys to understand each other, because certainly, there was some missing of intent.

I've been around for a long time and I know a lot of people. I'm not a political person - though I do fight for the beauty of the open lands, for the preservation of agricultural areas. Curt and I do not always agree on some things. But he is always respectful of me. Always, also, very eager to discuss and to explain - with great energy. And at the end, I may still not agree, and I am still respected.

He is not a jerk. I just need to answer some of these comments. I still write checks - to the guy who trims the feet of my horses, to the guy who tunes my piano (does anybody play those anymore?) to other people who do work for me and are not set up to take credit cards, so the comment about nobody writing checks is really quite unrealistic.

He is not a blow-hard. He will debate because he loves it, and because certain points may be important to him - and maybe sometimes because something just bugs him. But so will a lot of people. He is intelligent. He's informed about a lot of very complex and essential things - you don't get the respect of your peers in the legislature by being all blow and no brain.

He is not pompous. As I say, I have known him over many, many years. He is enthusiastic about his causes. But he is very kind. I don't know who "sunny" is, but that refutation of another comment is terribly unfair. It's really easy to blast someone you don't know when you aren't even using your real name to do it. Does this person know Curt personally?

God help anyone who gets blasted in a personal blog - which is always only one side of the story. It's like being accused of sexual abuse of a child - how can you ever defend yourself against the emotional allegations, when there is no evidence except one person's word - which is expressed in good writing, and which is a damning witness even without corroboration?

the people who have jumped in here, cheering for the bringing down of a jerk-blow-hard-politician about whom they know nothing personally would be well to consider how they would fare if they were accused by someone in a juicy story - in a public forum where there are no rules, no rights of equal representation.

And the people who stand up for him are mocked, disrespected and bad-mouthed by people hiding behind user names.

You know, I try really hard to be kind and respectful in my own life. But there are always times when things happen. In everybody's life there are moments when they behave in a way that would come across badly if somebody was filming them. I just wonder if anybody who was so quick to mock and jeer here would like it if every little moment of their lives, somebody was there to record their words - maybe video the way they just talked to the clerk at the grocery store, or the way they talked to their sibs or their partners - and then put the film up on U-Tube for all the world to see.

It's like taking a photograph, one slice of a moment of a person's life, The photograph doesn't begin to tell the whole story. You catch the wrong moment and even Mother Teresa could look like a nasty hag.

I will be very sorry if this thing hinders Mr. Bramble in the very good and quite brave work he does in the legislature. An honest man, however abrasive he may have come across to you, is a precious thing in these times.

Yeah, I'm sorry you had the experience. I'm sure, at this point, you both wish you could start all over. I'm not sure it was something I would have dragged out in front of these people who are so quick to damn. Their responses just don't ring of any humanity or maturity. But there's always a mob thrilled to start gathering stones to throw at somebody else.

I'm sorry it all happened. I just want to say to you that I know the guy. I know how he can come across. But I also know from long experience that he is brave, good and honest, and that he works very, very hard for your good and for mine. Of course he's not perfect. Am I? Are you? Are any of these people who can damn others so easily?

I am so sorry for you both.

Oh - and I'm not afraid to leave my real name here, because I know what I'm saying is true.

Kristen Randle

Stephen said...

Well, the broader LDS blogging community is now discussing the event, in context with other events:

Sorry you went through this.

Jarvie said...

I'm really glad to hear about the brighter side of Mr. Bramble.
Really I am.
I'm glad you brought up the good things and didn't just make excuses.

He represents the area where I live. Who he is and what he does is of importance to me and should be discussed in a proper way.

After doing a great job painting him in a great light, you painted us as a big bad mob and that isn't going to win you points.
You insist that we are a bunch of single minded ruthless people out to destroy on the word of a peasant, or something. For shame.

Personally I think the key to your relationship with the senator is held in your continual references to the people who work for you.
Try having a relationship like that with the senator as a mere worker... or a pizza girl.
That's what disgusts so many of us.

Stori said...

Kristen, It was hard to miss your heavy handed comments about the unregulated nature of the internet.

This is exactly what the free and open press is supposed to be. Mr. Bramble is an employee of the people. I sign his paycheck and so do all the other tax payers of Utah. He is accountable to me. His monetary compensation may not be extravagant, which is precisely as it should be, but he receives the most kick backs of any other legislator, as per the reports lately shown in the local newspapers.

And besides that, every single dollar he allocates for projects or any other funding whatsoever is mine and yours. Politicians would do well to remember that they are under public scrutiny.

Governing power comes from the consent of the governed. And if blogs are one avenue for the governed to take back some of their power, so much the better.

ricka said...

@Stori, agreed. This is a public figure who, by virtue of his (paid) position, puts himself in the public eye. Although his personal pizza buying habits are not directly affiliated with his work, any decent politician will know and understand that careers are made and lost because of events like these.

I am tired of people using position to intimidate others or even pressure them into drawing conclusions which supposedly "flow" from such a position. The general public can draw more accurate conclusions by observing normal behavior and daily interaction.

Unfortunately I do not live in Utah but hope that those of you who have voting power will see that incidents like this are resolved. Bramble should at least address this incident given the discussion it is generating.

PS - saw this from facebook.

SJerZGirl said...

Hi - and yes, I'm going to add to the interminable perpetuity of the comments on this article. Sorry! But, although you left his name out, you did leave quite the keyword phrase for people to find the blog. "majority leader in the Utah state senate" would be that phrase. Yeah, if you wanted to avoid joining the ranks of the renowned, that probably wasn't the best way to do it! LOL

Next time you come face to face with a bonehead politician who thinks they're far more important than they really are, just call them "a political windbag" or something else less specific to their identity. LOL Personally, I think you did well in your response and I commend your boss for not holding you accountable for keeping company policy! And, I don't think you needed to apologize. I've also read your newer entries and don't expect a response. Just, hang in there and keep enjoying those pizzas!!

Lorelei said...

I, too, have heard stories about Sen. Bramble, such as when he put a $50 bill on the table and told the waitress that this was her tip and he would be deducting amounts from it for every mistake she made.

However, I want to share not hearsay, but an actual incident that happened to me, personally. This was in the fall of 2000, so I don’t really expect his behavior to ever change for any reason. I was an intern teacher at Timpview High School. I was volunteering to help out at the football game, in the ticket booth. The fee was something like $2 with a student ID and $4 without. Even if kids were students in my own class, they still had to pay the $4 fee if they didn’t bring their ID. It was the only way to be fair.

After half time a group of people came to go into the game. One girl said she was a student, but she didn’t have an ID. I told her it was $4. The man in the group came forward and said that he was the girl’s uncle and he could vouch for her that she was a student. I tried my best to be friendly and polite, smiling so as to defuse any conflict, and informed her and him that the price is still $4 without an ID. Eventually she paid the money and she went into the game.

A few minutes later, the supervisor of the ticket booths came to our booth and said it was time to close up. Just as he was about to close the awning, the uncle (Sen. Bramble) came back. He very angrily said, “you went through all that to get your $4 and now you are CLOSING??” The supervisor stepped in and defended me, explaining that he had decided to close and I wasn’t aware of when he would be doing that. He took $4 out of the till and refunded the money for the ticket, with apologies.

Bramble took the money and then turned to me. He unleashed a tirade, starting with “You may not realize this, but I am running for the Utah Senate.” (In my mind I’m thinking, if you’re running for office shouldn’t you be really nice to potential voters?) Then he proceeded to take offense at the fact that I was smiling earlier, he called it smirking. He claimed I was smug, rude, etc. Like the pizza delivery woman, I, too, was shocked and not sure how to react. I did reply explaining that I in no way was smirking or intending to be rude, but he wouldn’t accept that. He finished his “speech” and then threw the $4 at me saying, “this is a donation for the school, I don’t need the money” and walked off. I then sat down and started crying, being consoled by the 4-5 workers around me who all witnessed this event.

I’m sure he can seem nice and sweet as pie to certain people, but they can’t ignore the dozens of personal witnesses and victims of his temper, malice, and arrogance. Many politicians are arrogant at points, but they at least try to charm voters and strangers. The level Sen. Bramble goes to is beyond the pale. The excuse of being from Chicago is ridiculous and offensive to the many wonderful people from that city. For myself, I have let go becuase it was a minor incident, but I have pity for the people of Utah County that he does not serve or represent, but who he actually lords over (in his mind). Please stop electing him!!

Kim said...

I agree with other the other posts...Sen. Bramble is a blow hard. He is not nice at all, and will not let his constituents even contact him.
Sorry this happened to you. Hopefully it will bring to light what a jerk he is and he will stop being elected.

ciceroQpublic said...

Great blog. You can write which sadly is a rare talent. I saw the video report from the news which led me to your blog. Don't shun the attention. I know it's uncomfortable but this kind of noteriety could land you a job as a reporter. Also, I'm sorry to hear that "you've spent your life trying to be invisible". You're a smart, pretty young lady. Perhaps you haven't been told that enough times yet..........

Unknown said...

I haven't read through all the comments, but from the few I have read, I want to say that I have known Anna as an employee at Nic's since she started working. To anyone that would question her ethic and defend this politician, shame on you. Anna is the sweetest, most innocent person I've worked with, and for someone to talk to her like this really irritates me to the point of becoming angry. Anna, I think you did great and to anyone who thinks otherwise, you obviously don't know her at all. Man, I miss Nic's pizza. -Drew

msspurlock said...

This has viral campaign written all over it.
I'm guessing Bramble's up for re-election this Fall?

Miss Shelly said...

Do you really doubt that this happened? You think she made it up? How do you explain the dozens of independent stories of personal run-ins with this jerk that support her summary of his character? Is it all a huge *conspiracy*?

You would think that because he is up for reelection he would take great pains to be less of an ass, but apparently not.

Bramble is a humongous jerk, and it will give me great personal satisfaction if he loses his seat in November. Nobody deserves it more.

Ellen said...

I too, write checks to the groveling lower class workers who "trim my horses feet" and tune my piano. Oh, wait I don't have any horses or a piano. Houses? You said houses? I have so many I lost count. Let me check with my people and I'll get back to you on that one.
In the mean time I really am in touch with the ecomony and every hard working pizza dilvery girl in this country. Vote on America! You've done a stellar job so far.

whillice said...

Thanks for this. I am a refugee from Provo who used to be represented by Senator Bramble and had several run-ins with him.

My personal favorite was when we were discussing tax policy and I supported a proposal which would have cut taxes for most Utah families and raise taxes on higher income families who send more than 3 kids to public schools by about $50 per child. He called this "socialism" and me a "socialist." It's always nice when debating issues of public policy that we immediately go for the ad hominem attacks, but it's fairly par for the course of Bramble and his bullying ways.

And for the record, I'm not making any of these points anonymously for those who think this is some conspiracy theory.
My name is Andy Wilson-- "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!?!?!"

ciceroQpublic said...

I was waiting for this to happen. Sen. Bramble's arrogance is coming back to bite him in the behind. The long tirade in his defense smells of an extremely interested and vested party being tapped to do PR damage control. I've done customer service and 99% of people are just plain nice. The other 1% are mean and it always shows. This guys deserves to lose his seat if for no other reason then to make him unable to bludgeon the next hard working kid with his title. I'll predict now that this guy, like most narcisists, will never admit he was wrong and instead will attempt to explain away his behaviour. Then when that doesn't work he'll lie. Then when that doesn't work he'll weep and try to buy you off with some sort of personal visit and PR show. Kudos to you young lady. When the next reporter knocks on your door ask them straight out if they are hiring. You will have your own column in two weeks time and it will be a form of justice. You could make a career, a good one at that, defending waitresses and pizza delivery people from the mean people of the world. And to Senator Bramble and staff I'd like to say you don't have a clue what a good story and an honest kid can do nowadays. You better pray that the Senate doesn't vote to strip you of your pension.Being mean and petty and self absorbed aren't a crime but when this really blows up the Senate will look for an old goat to pin it on and your an old goat.........

ciceroQpublic said...

One further comment. Young lady please be prepared for the coming onslaught of abuse, thinly veiled sophistry and argument that the Senator's supporters are going to pour on you. Whenever these things happen they attempt to discredit the messenger. I'm sorry that you will have to endure it. All of the pro senator comments are being posted by people that have a personal interest in seeing him in office. They care not if they ruin you to keep him there. Oh and "5" learn to spell and write before you try to insult a good young writer..............

E.P. said...

Just to put some perspective on "the Internets" and how something gets around via the limited "degrees of separation" that now seem to exist in the world: I'm Greek (living in Athens) and simply follow US political blogs. A different post off Drudge led me to breitbart and then to your blog where I read with great interest this little saga. So you are now definitely global. The good senator should know that news gets around.

Ridor said...

LOL. Gotta love this entry!

I grew up in The South but lived in New York City for 4 years and I still do not understand why folks in Chicago tend to bash NYCers ... NYC folks are the coolest to hang out. I had been to Salt Lake, NYC still rulz.

However, I used to deliver pizzas when I was a teenager in the South. It is typical policy of restaurants not to accept the personal checks. I'm thankful that I did not have this experience like you did with Bramble.

Either way, glad to see that you were firm in what you did -- Bramble can kiss your ass anytime.

Cameron -- you're HOT!



Johnnyboy84604 said...

This is from an article in the Deseret News August 19, 2008.

Monday, Senate Majority Leader Curt Bramble, R-Provo, told the Deseret News editorial board that government doesn't work best when elected representatives are constantly, and frivolously, overruled by the citizens they are elected to make decisions for. In other words, the pure democracy of initiatives and referendums doesn't work well compared to the republican form of government of elected representatives.

this is in reference to the GOP being soundly defeated on the School Voucher issue.

Apparently having 2/3 of the voters vote against having vouchers through a referendum is being frivolously overruled by its citizens, according to Mr. Bramble. If 2/3 of the voters voices aren't going to be heard then when will the arrogant "powerful" elite of the senate actually listen to the people?.

He then went on to arrogantly state:

"If you look at those states where referendums and initiatives are very easy to put on a ballot, you simply can't govern effectively by a pure democracy," Bramble said. "Every pure democracy in the history of mankind has failed in a very short period of time. The wisdom of a representative democracy is that there is some insulation between that populace, and that doesn't mean the voice of the people isn't important. That doesn't mean we don't listen to our constituents."

Actually in this case you AREN'T listening to the voice of the people and when they spoke, you said that it was a frivolous overruling. Really????????. WE were saying that we didn't agree with YOUR "wisdom".

In a representative government, elected lawmakers can "debate on complex issues dealing with policy, funding, social issues, whatever." A democratic up or down vote based on popular opinion is not the smartest way to go, Bramble said.
In November 2007, Utahns soundly rejected the GOP Legislature's private school voucher law in a voter referendum, 61-39 percent. It was a real rejection of conservative GOP lawmakers' stand.

"A democratic up or down vote based on popular opinion is not the smartest way to go". You have got to be kidding me. I can't believe this guy is still in office, the unfortunate thing is that he is the republican candidate. Let's be honest this incident isn't going to even remotely affect him, he will win the re-election and be in for another 4 years and by then nobody will remember what an arrogant, pompous a@# this guy really is. For those who defend him, go back and re-read what he said.

Craig said...

Wow, this is just incredible. As newly registered voters in Provo, my wife and I will be sure to avoid casting our vote for Bramble.

ixi jim ixi said...

Your little known Blog is probably about to become better known...this just ended up on :D

Anonymous said...

You handled yourself well. Let this be a lesson to you and to everyone who reads your blog, it's time for a change.

dterryphotography said...

I noticed it's up on Digg as well.

Scott said...

That was a crappy situation and you did well. Sorry it happened.

Unknown said...

I believe everyone sshould work retail or service at lease on October through January in their life time.
A happier shopping and dining experiene would be had by all.
As a former Sales Manager at a Big Box retail giant I can confirm people lose their minds duringthat time of year.
How someone can be fat on happy on Thanksgiving then turn into a complete idiot the day after makes me think there are other chemicals in turkey than just Tryptothan.

Mark said...

Politics is much like the practice of law -- it's all about sophisticated whining, lies, using people and, ultimately, lording it over the very folks they supposedly serve. A great article and I'm glad it made the news. BTW, you do ROCK, because you used a Mac to write a great post! ;~}

Jeremy Rix said...

Great job! It's hard dealing with certain customers...I've delivered for four years. In my experience, it's a great most of the time, but no job is perfect. Thank you for sharing your story.

papillon said...

congratulations on the way you dealt with this conceited moron. For your information, the reason he mentioned 'The East', it is a Masonic term of recognition. He was hoping your boss would be a bretheren.

SJerZGirl said...

Johnnyboy84604 - You're right. Many don't see whose name is listed as D or I or G or whatever other party is not in the vast majority in Utah. They vote straight R. But, this article in the Deseret News is the perfect, and I do mean PERFECT, way for any one of those categories of opponents to make it known how much disrespect this man has for his constituency. Yes, representative republics to prevent a certain degree of chaos, but this SAME form of government also allows for direct input, as with the much maligned (by him) referendums. A crafty and smart opponent will FORCE the public to remember that he called them frivolous in their decision to override the legislature. He (or she) will FORCE the public to remember that he thought them incapable of making such a decision and derided them for it (much like he derided our now infamous pizza delivery girl's employer). Keep that information handy - pass it on to whoever and all who oppose him come re-election time!

SJerZGirl said...

Pappillon - "The East" is a Masonic term? Um....since when? I grew up in "The East" and could never figure out how people from Ohio, Illinois, etc, considered themselves from "The East". And, there's not one single Mason OR LDS in my family!! I was the only one when I moved to Utah many moons ago. So, while I think being "brethren" DOES affect how one votes (or if one receives votes in Utah), I don't see the use of that term as any kind of digging for membership identity. And, believe me, I tried to avoid all of them. I truly wanted to believe, when I moved out there, that I would be hired for my OWN qualities, not for what I believed - that's how things were in "The East". Sadly, except for working for the State, the IRS and some lowly blue collar positions, the "test" was frequent and not always subtle (but always illegal). Despite that history, I fail to see the parallel in your claim.

... said...

There is no reason in the world to wait until re-election! The Senate votes for new leadership this year in December. If you live in Utah feel free to write your senator and let them that you do not support Bramble in his bid for Senate Majority Leader, also feel free to share your disgust with someone that uses their elected position to bully people.

All the Utah Senators email addresses are here:

Unknown said...

As a resident of Chicago, I think it is hilarious that this rude politician is trying to blame the city of my birth for his pompous ways. Chicago is not "East" it is decidedly midwest and is often called the "mid-coast", partially in reference to the beaches on Lake Michigan.

I would type more, but I must quickly flog my groundskeeper for allowing my topiaries to brown.

Unknown said...

As an Italian from New Jersey I think were all missing the point here. That pizza in Utah, no matter where you get it from, is probably going to suck.

Ajay! said...

wow... what a jerk!

good for you for maintaining composure.

Prioleau Alexander said...

Hey, Girl.
My name is Prioleau Alexander, and I'm the author of YOU WANT FRIES WITH THAT? One of the chapters is about my gig delivering pizzas, which has gotten rave reviews from all my friends who delivered pizza. (I was with one of the national chains-- what a cluster). If you'll email me your address, I'll get a complimentary signed copy in the mail to you.
Inside pizza joke: Did the guy at least have NUMBERS on his mailbox, or someplace you could see them?

autoegocrat said...

A wannabe big shot acts like a jerk to a delivery driver and suddenly everybody in the country knows about it.

God, I love the internet.

Unknown said...

Way to go Pizza Girl. I delivered pie in when I was in high school in the mid 80's. It was descent job good tips, but the people from time to time behaved like the 'good senator.' I had no such retaliation as the blogosphere, to make it all the better you seemed to have no real retaliation in mind.

This guy is a true embarrassment to the human race and should be thrown from it. I hope his attacks don't cause you too much headache. Be ready for something, he doesn't seem like the type of guy who take much shit. Unfortunately for you that is what this has turned into for Bramble.

Jocelyn Plums said...

i had the same problem trying
to sell the guy an 8-ball.

some people! I tell ya...

km said...

Don't believe that "I'm from Chicago" b.s. I'm from Chicago (currently living in Phily) and nearly everyone I know tips well and is at least civil to delivery drivers. The exceptions are almost always Republican - because they can or they're entitled to give "the help" a hard time.

oxfdblue said...

Fantastic story and welcome to your moment of fame.

Mr. Bramble obviously isn't smart enough to understand that even seemingly small stories like this can go national in this day and age at light speed because of the internet.

Not only are you ranked up on, but your blog story is one the topic on Daily Kos, pretty much the most important progressive blog out there.

Best of luck!

mitch said...

Welcome to the real world in Utah. Curt Bramble has always been a "don't you know who I am" individual. He will whine and push until he gets his way. It doesn't matter if his way is correct or not. I learned this dealing with him in the early 90's when I moved to Utah from LA. His people skills have only continued to decline since then.

RyanDC said...

He is obnoxious and prideful. He argues illogically, citing irrelevant details as some sort of proof. I suspect his overly aggressive and defensive behavior masks some insecurity.

Sounds like a Republican alright.

Paul Holt said...

You go girl! well written and well said! I don't care if he's the President or a Street Sweeper (not that there's anything wrong with that :) ) rude ness is rudeness and should be called out.

Well done!

Filthy Lucretius said...

Welcome to your 15 minutes of Internet fame!

You're a terrific writer - your deadpan tone, ear for dialogue, and eye for detail create a wonderful narrative that makes your readers feel present and complicit.

You may get fired from your job, but you should be able to parlay this attention into a professional writing gig somewhere if you're savvy.

Of course, much of the charm of your blog persona derives from your unapologetic un-savvyness.

powderpond said...

Time to get rid of Bramble and his likes. I have always hated bullies. Good job on getting this story out. I think you should have his is clear you have courage and compassion.

Maryscott OConnor said...

Republicans: Just stand out of the way and let them lose their own votes.

My Left Wing

Jarvie said...

Some of the people commenting now on this post now are just as rude and ridiculous.
It's not about what party he's from.
Remember how he tried to blame the place of his birth... and then we called Bull? You're doing the same now by blaming his ways on his party.

If this were a one time thing I'm sure we could have more empathy... the impactful thing is that it wasn't a one time occurrence. I have now seen well over 2 dozen people speak up about his unscrupulous ways.

HIS WAYS... not republicans, not Utahns, not Mormons, not easterners, not people from Chicago.
It's about Bramble and people like him. The people that act like him.

Unknown said...

Wow. As a former pizza delivery wench myself, I applaud you for not just leaving while this guy berated your manager! People in this world (and primarily in this country) are under the impression that it is okay to treat customer service people like s*** just because their job title has the word "service" in it. What's worse is that people like this jerk are rewarded for being a-holes (your boss decided to take his check, even though it was against the store's policy), often with free meals. This positive reinforcement probably leads those same people to continue their behavior (in what becomes a sad and classic illustration of the Skinner method) in hopes of getting the same result. Crazy, right? Anyway, don't let this guy's supporters or friends (including those of his teenager) get you down--they have the right to say what they want, but so do you. Feel free to express your frustration at being treated as a lesser life form by a seemingly pompous official.

MP said...

I lived in Chicago for three years. Most Chicagoans, especially those with ANY money, are pricks. I'm sorry that you had to deal with that.

Stay strong.


Andy Edwards said...

Okay I'm a lowly state representative, and from the Northeast, and it makes me cringe imagining anyone trying to invoke their status in this way. Unfortunately, it looks as though state legislators are pretty much the same everywhere - they think rules don't apply to them. It's kinda funny how he chose to risk that career over something as silly as a pizza though. Usually it's sex or drunk driving.

P.S. Q-tip's name is very appropriate for a musician if you consider what a q-tip does. You might like his Rennaissance album coming out in a couple months -- I think it'd take you by surprise.

VA Breeze said...

Thanks for telling your story. I spent years waiting tables to get through college and grad school. Always tried to provide good service but couldn't always count on friendly people.

One place I worked was a family-friendly seafood restaurant. One night a table of four had one guy who wanted everyone to know what a gourmet he was..belittled the menu, ingredients, wine, etc. Couldn't wait for them to leave - tried to smile the whole time- got a lousy tip.

Hang in there!
(I'M from Virginia - read your story from the DailyKos link)

Fnarf said...

Wow. That's all I can say. This guy is a total dick, and the way he treated you is unforgivable. I live a thousand miles away from you but the next time I order a pizza I'm tipping double. This Bramble jerk should be ashamed -- but then, that would require him to have self-awareness.

DrKillPatient said...

Got here as your your story made the "" (member there) politics page. Good for you for posting your story. All the best of luck to you.

/No matter what there is no excuse for him behaving like a complete tool.

Michael said...

This was very funny. You write so very well - thoughtful and pitch-perfect.

Guy Fawkes said...

On wikipedia we have something called "Barnstars" which are awards you can give to anyone as you deem fit. I am awarding you "The Anti-Flame Barnstar [which] is to be awarded for users that have kept cool in conflicts, as well as resolving them."

It's the closest I could come.


DrKillPatient said...

Oops, forgot. Here's the link if you want to read it.

MBZ said...

You handled that very well. He's a blowhard, and thinks that he's above business policy. Then, to top it off, after Nick LET him write the check, he suddenly wants to pay with American Express and then berates Nick for asking for the security code? What on earth...? Curt Bramble sounds like an entitled, out-of-touch politician who regularly embarrasses his wife and daughters with this pompous behavior, and I'm sorry you were on the receiving end of that.

Rick said...

I just called and left a message for RaDene Hatfield (running for Brambles's seat in Utah's 16th District). Mentioned the blow up and suggested she host a Pizza Party!

SJerZGirl said...

Hey, Carlo - NY Style is what I grew up on in the Philly area (or very similar, anyway), but they did have some decent stuff out there when I was there. Just no thin crust and, for some unknown reason, buying only a slice was a complete mystery to them. They actually started a chain just for that "Slice of Pizza" that hit the malls while I was there. It was an all or nothing kind of world out there - in many ways, it still is.

SJerZGirl said...

Jake! Haven't lived there since 1993. But, my son and grands live in Ogden, so I keep tabs on things. Thanks for the headsup, though. Might just have to pass it on to my friends who are still there.

Heather said...

Several people point out the Senator's being from Chicago as some sort of excuse, as if this was cultural or something.

I moved here to Chicago 12 years ago, and find it, like the rest of the midwest, filled with outwardly mellower, more amiable people than I grew up with back east. Chicago is in the midwest, it is not "east."

I should go on to explain that even in the east, that gruff exterior is for train stations and public lobbies. People do not think it is polite to trouble each other with chit chat from a stranger, so they are not "warm" in public. Privately it is a whole different story, and one of the things I miss the most about the east is how powerfully charismatic easterners are in private. Here in Chicago, they are friendlier in public, and the private persona often isn't much deeper than the public one.

However, people are people everywhere. There are jerks, and there are nice people, everywhere you go.

There is no safe zone where we say that everyone form a certain place is excused for being a jerk (especially a place where people are polite on the street!) Why don't we blame the Utah State Senate? Maybe that, rather than Chicago, is full of jerks?

Now I read more comments and see that the secretary in his office is trying to use this as an excuse. If she doesn't even know that Chicago is in the midwest, how is she qualified to specultate on the temperment of Chicagoans? This lame excuse appears to be official policy.

Honestly, I would be more wary in Provo than Chicago. After all, the voters of Provo put this guy in office. Why does he somehow represent Chicago, when he quite literally and officially represents Provo?

And before I end this rant, it seems so typically Republican to me to deflect in this way. Oh, there is nothing wrong with the Senator, just this scary place he is from. Don't visit Chicago, but rest assured that Senator Jerk has everything in control in your State Senate.

When will people start to see through this type of thing?

Ok, I'm done now!

BestCollegeAdvisor said...

Being from Chicago, I totally apologize for this guy's behavior. Everybody from the Windy City isn't like this behaviorally.

Maybe he is one of those old men overcompensating for the small pork & beans God gave him-you know, like Rush Limbaugh or O'rly? I just wish he was from New York or something so good and decent folks originally from the Chi wouldn't have to be so ashamed.

Bramble's name will be in Shambles once Fark gets ahold of this one.

Heather said...

One more thing, 5 seems like a jerk too. A pattern?

Phillybits said...

Heh. Greeting from Philadelphia. That's a great story you've told. Picked it up on

You have a very good approach to relaying the story about Mr. Not So Nice (great touch not using his name) so that we can understand exactly what's going on.

"An embarrassed daughter emerges from the kitchen and tells me I can put the pizzas down if they're getting heavy. I thank her, but hold on to the pizza. Somehow, having the boxes in my hands is giving me a sense of security. Without them, I would feel naked and vulnerable."

You're an excellent writer.

Yamara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yamara said...

"HIS WAYS... not republicans, not Utahns, not Mormons, not easterners, not people from Chicago."

I'm sure all regions and religions are off the hook for his behavior, yes. They didn't ask him to be among them.

But the Republicans made him their Majority Leader. They all specifically chose to approve of his performance above all others. So yeah, it's proof that Republicans promote prideful bullies that waste everyone else's time. Thanks for an excellent post.

Chris Adams
"Yamara" at DailyKos

Bunny Raptor said...

Pizza Deliverers Unite,
That was a very poor tip considering not only the amount spent on food, but also all the time you lost to his BS while you could've been delivering pizzas and getting better tips from people with a lot less money.

Erin aka- absent-minded secretary said...

Senator Bramble's Wikipedia entry has a section for "pizzagate." And interesting that the only newspaper to not report about this story is... The Daily Herald, and it's in their backyard! I wonder who lines their pockets?

Thank you for sharing your story.

This was important for Utah County.

Clare2e said...

It's funny how differently people perceive parts of the country and represent themselves accordingly. I lived so long in Chicago that, upon moving to NYC, I kept getting complimented for my warm mid-western manners : ) But I Never heard it called being from out East.

I've also worked every public-facing job with a nametag and/or tip reliance, and it sounds like you stayed pretty cool, cooler than I might've. I hate the "don't you know who I am?" gambit as a noisy way to badger staff, but then followed by a craptastic tip? There must be a special ring of the un-air-conditioned basement for abusers of counter help, delivery people, and servers.

And no, saving one's humanity for the "big issues" while needlessly ruining someone else's day isn't actually the same as being nice. And it matters.

JJ said...

I just read your blog and really enjoyed it! Thank you and much love from an EX-Pat (from Utah) in Seattle!!

Keep up the great writing!

Unknown said...

tanstaafl said...

Great blog. It was unessecary, though, to use the word Utah in the title. There are asshole politicians all over the world, but the only place where people still use checks to pay for food is Utah. ;-)

I delivered pizzas in Provo/Orem in the mid 80s while a student at BYU. I would rarely get any tip, so it looks like things have improved somewhat. When I would get a tip I would always look at the cars in the driveway and note the licence plates. They were usually from California, only once in about six months on the job did I get a tip from someone actually from Utah.

Matt Smith said...

Reading your blog, I'm impressed by how smart you are. I'm delighted that you didn't fall for that guy's BS. Thanks for giving a little victory to all of us who hate being pushed around.

Also impressed with the grace you show to Bramble and to the critics who have commented here. I try to be that classy to people. Nice to see somebody so good at taking care of herself, she doesn't have to get defensive or return other people's venom.

Holly Million... said...

Hi, Sad a While,

Your blog is famous now. I just came over here from DailyKos. Let me tell you a story of my own. When I was in high school, our school board was ruled by an ass of a man named Mr. Chidlow who treated our school like his private kingdom. At the beginning of my senior year, the school board chose to make some budget, including to the gifted student enrichment program, the computer classes, art, etc. Classes that I and my fellow students liked and wanted. I organized a group of students to attend a school board meeting to protest this and join the public discussion of the decision. When Chidlow realized we had shown up and that we wanted to ask questions in that public forum, he moved to take the meeting into closed session. We never got any answers to our concerns. A couple months later, I was a registered voter and ready and eager to vote in my first election. I showed up at the polling place, and there was Mr. Chidlow. He was all smiles when he recognized me, and he put his big, fat, sweaty arm around my shoulder and asked me for my vote. I stepped away, walked into the building, and voted for the person who was running against him. Boy, did that feel GOOD! Bravo for you, and you don't have to apologize one bit for how you behaved that night or for writing your blog. You're one of his constituents, and look how he chose to treat you. Now, you're a voter. Go get him!!

Welcome To The Real World said...

To Josh Daniels and 5:
De-escalate? Rant on a Blog? Well make it sound like what she has done is wrong. Clearly this guy was a jerk and he needed some comeuppance. She was not wrong, the business was not wrong...he was simply wrong. If they don't take checks they do so for very good reason. It was his ignorance on the policies and then his slimy attempts to get special privilege that is at stake.

Why should she de-escalate? Why should she laugh it off? People like him clearly need to change...not the other way around. Instead of chastising her perhaps you should mention a few words of etiquette to the man since claim to know him. At the same time...take a good look at yourself. Your statements show a lack of courtesy as well.

To 5:
If you are friends with his daughter you should tell her to be ashamed and embarrassed...because that is exactly how she should feel when her rude and abusive father cannot simply pay for a set of pizzas.

Dave said...

For you and all the other tireless pizza delivery people of the world I recommend, Snow Crash, a great cyber-punk novel. I see you as Y.T. in the novel. I won't spoil her for you. Read the book.

Aisling the Bard said...

Just to let you know I picked you up on LJ, in the filk community, where your saga is about to be immortalized even further with several filk pieces (one of them mine). And I must compliment you on your writing ability, your composure in a nasty situation, and your modesty in the face of this barrage of notoriety. And rest assured, Bramble, whether he would admit it or not, is definitely going to be getting a wake-up call about this. Seems the aura of entitlement which I already discerned here in the white-male-Mormon-Republican-Yewtawns species also extends to out-of-state hybrids. And it does NOT please the higher-ups when this kind of attention is drawn to their foibles. I admire and applaud your use of the effective tool for your purposes. Well done!

rhetoretician said...

Sounds like (a) a bully, who (b) is accustomed to people giving him what he wants because of his position. Perhaps that's a clue that there may be corruption lurking in the background. I wouldn't know either way, but his attitude sure hints at his being unaccustomed to people refusing to do favors for him.

queen said...

What a jerk. You rock, tho.

Unknown said...

Greetings from Chicago! I realize there are a bazillion posts on this already, but I wanted to post anyway to say:

I'm really sorry we seem to have exported one of our worst-behaved parasites to your state. Unfortunately, he's not the only one. It's unfortunate that people have to act like this at all, but being from Chicago is certainly not the cause, only an excuse to act like a jackass. To me, it seems most of the people who act this way are often not from Chicago, but from the rich outer suburbs. Jerks!

I agree with everyone that you handled the situation very nicely. Well done!

Lapis said...

In Re: Aisling the Bard? We have a saying the folk music community - "Never piss off a bard, for they are funny and witty and your name scans to Greensleeves."

Sad, you're about to become immortalized in song.

That's MIZZ Gypsy To You! said...

Just between you, me, and the wall...

I'm an accountant, too. And a check is most assuredly not the same as cash. Too bad there's no way to revoke his CPA certification.

JefeJivaro said...

My son has had more than one run-in with Bramble. He confirms that this incident is typical of his arrogant approach to life. Makes me wonder a) what's wrong with the voters in his Senate District that they keep electing a jerk and, b) What's wrong with the State Senate Republicans that they keep this guy in a leadership position?

attorney at lunch said...

This makes me sad...sad that someone who is supposed to be representing the people should act in such an arrogant manner, throwing their "title" around like it entitles them to favors, trying to schmooze on the phone "we're both Easterners," and abusing an employee for a policy that CLEARLY the employee has no control over...this just makes me sad. I'm sad that you had to go through it, and I'm also sad that someone ("5") felt they needed to further abuse you and try to threaten you with business loss simply because you had enough intelligence and a sense of humor to turn a shitty situation into a good story.

Guess what, "5". The "little people" have power. Be careful who you're rude to. In fact, how about all of you who are connected to "Mr. Public Figure", no matter how remotely and shirt-tailedly, how about you all stop treating ANYONE with disrespect?

I am ashamed. Of you, 5, and of him, and of his family, and of his daughters who SHOULD HAVE been embarrassed. If they are going around talking about this, they are very foolish--as there is simply no way to spin this story without making only the "public figure" and his family look bad. IN fact, the blog writer was being kind in saying the family was embarrassed--she was giving them credit for more class than they possess, apparently, if what "5" said is true.

My only regret is how this might reflect on others in politics or in the legal profession. We're not all classless, brainless jerks. Some of us treat everyone with respect; there is no caste system in common humanity. Learn it, or keep being exposed as the fools you are in blogs across the nation.

and by the way: a check is absolutely not the same as cash. It's true, if you get right down to it, that both are pieces of paper representing some specified amount of physical wealth, but one is much more certain than the other; especially after this, I wouldn't take a check from Mr. Public figure if he painted it with gold.

The Shark said...

Way to stick it to the Man. I agree with you: all the excuses for his behavior do not justify it at all. Nobody deserves to be treated that way over such a silly difference in opinion, I don't care what your background is. Maybe this personality comes in handy at times in government, but a man who doesn't know the difference between a pizza business and a group of politicians enough to treat them differently is weak-witted.

Will Dunn said...

I live in the Southern United States and we used to have some guys in politics like Mr. Bramble.

Huey Long, Lester Maddoxx, George Wallace, Ross Barnett....all highly entertaining clowns and buffoons.

His excuse is that he is from Chicago? Well so was Al Capone.

I hope the good people of Utah will send this guy packing as soon as possible.

ciceroQpublic said...

One further thought - I wonder how much restaurant kitchen spit this guy has ingested after insulting the wait staff. I never even consider sending back food in NY, perhaps in Utah the kitchen help are all nicer. But he certainly is the kind of guy to inspire descreet abuse of his food...

Unknown said...

Wow. I came here from the filk community on LiveJournal expecting to read a funny story, with some entertaining comments. While this is true, it falls rather short in encompassing what I found.

Yes, you are a good writer. Yes, you handled the situation admirably. Yes, your manager should have stuck to his guns and required that everyone follow the same set of rules.

Let us example Bramble's behavior:

- He expected to be exempted from rules which were obviously designed to pertain only to lowly mortals.

- He attempted to verbally beat you into submission, throwing attacks from many angles and expecting you to buckle. (GOOD for you for standing firm...much like a willow tree, that bends in the wind, but doesn't tumble.)

- He attempted to make your manager like him by trying to show they had something in common ("both from the east...") and thus should side together.

- He espoused an outright fallacy in pursuit of his cause.

- He has so much money that he can't bear to part with any of it, even though you had more than fairly earned it.

- He's willing to force others to pay for his shortcomings. I find it in myself to suspect he had at least a $20 in his pocket.

All around, this man seems to be quite the schmuck. Again, I applaud you! Stick with the writing. You'll do well by yourself.

Allrie said...

Wow! What a tempest in a teapot!

I am a Mormon Republican who is a convert, originally from Chicago, and has lived in Happy Valley [Provo]. Not, however, during Mr. Bramble's reign.

I will admit that Chicago politics has a pretty shady reputation, but Chicagoans are more likely to be the friendly Cubs fan.

I will be sure to try Nicitalia's pizza next time I'm in Provo myself--I might vote for it, but probably not Bramble.

And again--isn't this what blogs/the internet is all about?
Another forum for Freedom to express thoughts /opinions politically and otherwise. We don't all have to agree [as a few did not] but we do not need to "kill the messenger". A nice, amusing and maddening post--keep it up

RaDene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RaDene said...

(yes I just deleted my first attempt at a post here - I'd mistyped a word - let's see if I got it right this time...)

Anna - I am impressed beyond words. Talk about the power of the pen! Your clear, clever writing was able to expose in a way no one else has been able to the character of Provo's current Senator.

My name is RaDene. I am Mr. Bramble's opponent in the upcoming election. You and I met for the first time tonight when my son discovered that the PizzaGate delivery was from his favorite Provo Pizzeria - Nicolitalia. So we loaded up the family and drove on down.
The pizza was fantastic (tell Nic he lived up to his reputation) but more than that it was an honor to meet the person who had the matzy to speak the truth about Provo's current Senator.

For those of you who may be interesting in learning who else besides Bramble (Public Bully #1) is willing to serve in the Senate to represent Provo, visit Cheers!

Stori said...

We took our family to Nic's for pizza last Friday night and loved it. We got the thin crust pep, the prettiest calzone I've ever seen, bread sticks, and a salad. It was all very good. The place is casual enough that we didn't mind if our kids wandered around a bit and they loved guitar hero while we waited--not long--for the food.

Highly recommend Nic's pizza and can't wait to try the deep dish. Thanks for letting us know about a cool place for anti-establishment dining.

meltatum said...

As was mentioned by other posters, the filk community is busy immortalizing this encounter. It's a little rough, but here's my attempt (to the tune of: "Cat's in the Cradle")

I got a new job cuz I need the pay
They sent me to class each and every day
I learned to make the dough and to spread the sauce,
to work the till and to help the boss
And then they trained me to deliver, and as they taught,
they’d say, “you repeat what we say now,
they said, you repeat what we say.”

I’m here with the pizza that you ordered, sir
I can take cash or a credit card, sir
I’m sorry I cannot take a check, it’s against company rules, sir
I really need cash or a card.

I went to deliver just the other day,
He said, “thanks for the pie, miss, now let me pay
I will write you a check,” I said “No, sirree,
I can’t take your check, sir’ he said “Not ok.”
And he asked for the number of management
and said, “you don’t know who I am, miss,”
he said, “you don’t know who I am.”

I’m here with the pizza that you ordered, sir
I can take cash or a credit card, sir
I’m sorry I cannot take a check, it’s against company rules, sir
I really need cash or a card.

"I am the senate leader, an important man"
So pompous and proud, I just had to say
“Sir, the rules are rules, I cannot take your check,”
He shook his head and he puffed out his neck
“What I’d really like, miss, is for you to take my check”
I resisted, and I said once more,

I’m here with the pizza that you ordered, sir
I can take cash or a credit card, sir
I’m sorry I cannot take a check, it’s against company rules, sir
I really need cash or a card.

Unknown said...

That's awful! I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Anyway, he's a moron. I've never heard of a restaurant or small business taking a personal check. (Especially on a delivery!) I can only imagine he knew better, but was having some kind of sick twisted fun bullying you. What a jerk.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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themickel said...

I love that he brought up his being the Majority Leader in the Utah State Senate as reason that he should be able to use a check to pay for his pizza. Clearly you were supposed to act astonished, hand over the pizzas and walk away backwards, bowing as you went.

Reminds me of Larry Craig dropping his senator title on airport security guards after his attempted escapade in the men's room.

And seriously: who uses checks anymore?

tiffany said...

Make no mistake, this will come up again if he runs for political office in the future. I live in NY and there's no way I would have known who the hell he is if you hadn't written your post. Way to call him out!

Unknown said...

You mean Senator Bramble didn't have a lobbyist pay for his pizza?

dterryphotography said...

Just curious... it's been days now. Have you received any kind of apology from the man? Any kind of acknowledgement that he might have been in the wrong? Or even any kind of acknowledgement that he realizes you were hurt by his actions?

embracemyvalue said...
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embracemyvalue said...

For all who don't already know he lives in State Senate District 16, for all who would like to see him relieved of his duties in the State Senate on November 4, 2008.

God Bless all the people that have been blasted and personally attacked by Curt Bramble and company.

Funny how small and simple things do confound those who are wise in their own eyes. (like Mr Bramble)

Stacey T.

8683 said...

It is time for both Democrats and Republicans of Utah Senate District 16 (Provo)to seriously get on board with RaDene Hatfield and vote Bramble out on Nov. 4. Check out her website.
I did and believe her to be a viable and electable candidate. We need a change. Enough is enough.

Heathereeee said...

Holy crap...That's some damn good writing. I felt like I was standing there, with hot pizza boxes pressing into my fingers and a frustrated purple shade creeping up my neck. Probably like many others, I'm going to share your story with everyone I know. I'm sure that was hardly your intention but you just owned that Bramble guy, while staying rather composed in this blog. Good for you!

~~~Heather G.~~~

AwakeAndAriseOrg said...
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AwakeAndAriseOrg said...

And Curtis Bramble at a very fine establishment where I know the servers in Provo, has every single server there loathing and never desirious to be put at his table, as he's known to be a jerk, an absolute jerk. How pathetic to show up at a restaurant and have the serving staff loath your presence.

I had a cousin who interned at the State Capital too, and she said the interns loath the man as a pompous jerk there as well.

Then, get into his voting record, and realize he's a secret combination upholding snake. He's a sad character, and stands subservient to David Rockefeller's boasted of treason against the "best interests of the United States," being part of a "secret cabal" working to bring about a "new World." These of course are Rockefeller's own words, published in his book "Memoirs" on page 405. Curt Bramble sits happy to help Rockefeller's damned treason take place, and his voting record and conspiring prove it so.

Unknown said...

Two hundred plus years ago the "Sons of Liberty" distributed leaflets to fight against a set of legislatures on the other side of the pond, who were perceived as abusive to colonial people.

Any way you look at the sins (or virtues) of the British Parliament back then, they don't come close to this political hack.

It does my heart good to see the Internet provide the voice to fight such tyranny. How can you expect for any organization to make good choices when its leaders are only capable of using bully maneuvering tactics to make things happen?

Look at the man's judgment, how can he be trusted to make any sort of sound decision? He is blinded by himself and his bully behavior.

If the Utah Senate does not depose him, followed by the Utah County voters throwing him out on his ear, it will be a tragedy. No one is irreplaceable, and the (less than) Honorable Mr Bramble needs to learn that first hand.

Great job young lady, you are a patriot!

Nepos Libertas said...

Don't let the snobby imbeciles push you around like that idiot who can't spell and punctuate worth a shit, let alone grammatical cohesion. They think they are better than everyone who's not middle-upper class, yet they are pathetic and obnoxious self-absorbed suburbanites in their little world. They embody "Rich White Mormon Republican" stereotype who think they own the district where Big Daddy is elected.

Here is an advantage: use this incident to highlight Curt & his family's "Out-of-Touch McCain" attitude towards the common people when Curt runs for reelection. Enough people know of his "holier than thou" behavior and he can lose his political position to maximize public humiliation towards him and his nastily snooty family members.

Such elitist attitude should never be tolerated, especially in Utah County. I will vote for a Democrat Bennion Spencer here because he's probably decent and empathize with the common people instead of announcing "I am a rich asshole" to the minimum wage-earning delivery person at the door.

Hang in there, Anna. Don't be sad, DailyKos and liberals up in Salt Lake County stand behind you in exposing the bad apples of the Republican Party. By the way, I'm sorry for politicizing this post; I'm currently a Libertarian who still supports Ron Paul for a chance Presidential nomination.

Down with McCain-adulating morons!

AwakeAndAriseOrg said...

It is interesting, as a former pizza guy myself, having worked at Brick Oven, that the east bench of Provo is known as the "No Tip Zone." Spacious and roomy houses on the hill are where the stingiest tips are to be had---if any.

One can see this whole episode and more easily be brought back to consider the counsel from a recently deceased theologian:

"We can all be a little kinder, a little more generous, a little more thoughtful of one another. We can be a little more tolerant and friendly to those not of our faith, going out of our way to show our respect for them. We cannot afford to be arrogant or self-righteous. It is our obligation to reach out in helpfulness, not only to our own but to all others as well." (Gordon B. Hinckley, “Thanks to the Lord for His Blessings,” Ensign, May 1999, 88.)

I admit this applies to me as much as to anyone, as I really want to dog pile on this Bramble fellow, and another dozen Utah politicians that I believe work against my interest, and that of my family, friends and neighbors---both Republican and Democrat. Such Politicians seem bent on aiding David Rockefeller in his boasted of treason against the United States. Rockefeller would not get far, accept he has plenty of goons who follow along and boot lick every treasonous, liberty destroying measure which he has been working for all these long years. In Rockefeller's 2002 book "Memoirs" he boasts of his treason. On page 405 he states:

"For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure -- one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."

This boasted of treason is what really gets me angry, and which makes me want to "dog pile" on Bramble, discerning him to be a "Rockefeller Republican" type, who does what the establishment elite wish.

One case in point was the re-introduction of "Asset Forfeiture" back into Utah Law in the 2004 legislative session after this vicious abuse was defeated some years previous by ballot initiative. US Federal Agents were on Utah's Capitol Hill acting unconstitutionally as lobbyists every single day of the legislative session until the damned "Asset Forfeiture" legalized criminal enterprise bill (pushed by the US Federal Thugs) passed. And who on Utah's Capitol hill do we blame for selling out to thugs from the Federal Government? Bramble is one. Perhaps his high political appointment will be forthcoming with a few more such votes. So as a politician, lets get him out, an extension of mercy upon his soul.

If Utahan's loved Orrin Hatch, they'd put him into retirement now, before he can descend deeper into the pit, encircled about in the chains, in the mire and muck of secret combinations.

Had we held love for Mickey Leavitte years ago and sent him back into private life, we might have helped save his soul. Failing him as we did, he was able to garner favor in pursuit of his lusted after high political appointment by selling out every man, woman and child (non felon's) in turning over our private information into a national database, known as the M.A.T.R.I.X.

There are even some now who consider Leavitte as a possible conspirator to a coming pandemic. You can seek to discern and judge for yourself the merit, at this URL under the July 29, 2008 entry:

Let's love these incumbants, lets remove them out of their places where they become entrenched in aiding David Rockefeller in his boasted of treason against the United States. You can learn more of Rockefeller here:

Some reporting on Bramble here:

SJerZGirl said...

AwakeAndArise/Shaun Knapp - this was not your platform, but Anna's. You could have directed people off-site to your own rant about David Rockefeller rather than use all of her server space to introduce your thoughts in triplicate.

BTW - encouraging a global economy is NOT treason. However, undermining and violating the Constitution of the United States IS. You might want to re-visit your thinking. And find a new locale for your treatises.

outdoor_neb said...

The saddest commentary of all is that this man is in office. What does this say about the people who elected him?

I've delivered pizzas, and I concur, with regret, that the best tippers are the folks in run-down apartments and trailer parks, not the ritzy...a mystery to me.

The internet has certainly revolutionized how we grass-roots folks get together. I hope more people will communicate their experiences when it comes to the character of our representatives.

Good on you sad for a while!

Jeehaw said...

Hey, Sad:

Your blog has now reached across the country to Florida, North Carolina, and Maryland. And with Digg, it's certainly global by now.

I figure if somebody does something in public, they shouldn't be embarrassed by the public seeing it. And as far as I'm concerned, a pizza transaction is a public interaction.

Good reporting. Too bad they're shooting the messenger.

Niwi said...

YIKES all around. Makes me kind of glad that I don't live in your state, but I'm sure we have our share of rude politicians anyway.

For what it's worth, I think you handled the situation perfectly well. You didn't yell or become rude, and you even managed to remain pretty polite considering that this guy was trying to use his political clout to overcome a simple store policy.

I was a little sad to see all the checks haters, though. I do use checks for some things, and have never had a problem doing so *because I ask first.* I know exactly which pizza places here take a check and which don't, because I understand that checks aren't the norm and it only takes, oh, 7 seconds to ask the person on the other end of the phone?

Unknown said...

You're awesome. You can deliver pizza to my house anytime. :)

Kait said...

Props from Utah, Anna. You've shown yourself to be an awesome writer and a very patient customer service worker. I'm so glad your blog is getting this much deserved attention!

Thanks for exposing this Bramble dude. I'm sure the majority of voters here don't even know who he is. Hopefully your blog will help to shed some light on the guy's true colors. It reminds me of Chris Butters. He's another member of the Utah senate. He's, time and again, proven to be corrupt, and has only gotten attention in the news lately for his horribly racist comments and much covered-up bribery scandals. That guy, like Bramble, has no business representing us. I hadn't ever heard of Bramble before, but you can be sure that I won't be voting for him or Butters in the upcoming election.

You've started me on a mission to do some research on each of the members of the senate to see what I can find out about them. If 2 out of the bunch are bad eggs, I have to find out how bad the rest of them are. You've inspired me to become more politically active. You rock!

FamiLee said...

Thank you for writing this. Your candid honesty is needed. If his name is a word that rhymes with Ramble, I have had run-ins myself.

I do have to say that I knew his wife when I was growing up and she is the salt of the earth. I would let HER watch my children. She is probably the nicest person ever! She would give you the shirt off your back.

It's always the jerks that marry the best.

Georgia said...

You are a true hero!

Remember: In politics, as in nature - scum floats to the top.

Please keep posting!

embracemyvalue said...

Bennion Spencer is running for Congressional District 3 against Chaffetz. Radene Hatfield is running against Bramble (the tightwad, arrogant man) in Provo Senate District 16.

Republicans failed to weed him out at convention by one questionable /illegal (or planted) vote, and because Gov Huntsman endorsed him at the county convention, in spite of Neutrality clause, in State (R) party by-laws.

Vote Radene Hatfield, Nov 4, 2008. Check out Senate 16.


Clint said...

Wow...What a story! And what traction! I first heard about this story from my girlfriend who is a personal friend of yours. After hearing different things for a few days I finally read your blog and listened to the news stories about it.

While I've never delivered pizzas, I've worked in several service positions. It is amazing how people will act sometimes. Even though I'm upset occasionally, I try to take that attitude that I don't know what has been going on in that person's life. It doesn't really excuse bad behavior, but I think we would all admit to being a little unruly when we've had a bad day(or sometimes when we HAVEN'T had a bad day).

I'm going to guess that in hindsight Mr Bramble would have handled this differently even if he still thinks he was right just becuase of the exposure this story has attracted.

I can see both sides of this story. I'm that customer that tries to get things the way I like them. Being a little difficult at times has proven beneficial on more than one occasion. For me though, being difficult is a last resort, not an opening strategy. On the other side I've dealt with these type of situations before.

I absolutely hate it when people throw out the "do you know who I am?", or the "but I'm the ______". The truth of the matter is that even if I do know who you are, chances are I don't care(which is why you didn't hear me say,"oh...are you....oh that's so cool"). And if I don't know who you are, you telling me isn't going to change the way I feel about whatever it is.

I suppose I could continue to ramble on for hours, but I will resist. I think you handled this situation just fine.

Here is my only question. Let's say hypothetically that the Brambles ordered Pizza from your establishment again, and you got the order. Would you deliver the pizza yourself? Or would you have someone else deliver it? Personally, I would deliver it myself. I'd be totally curtious and try to act like everything was normal. My sole motivation would be to see his reaction when he opened the door and saw me on his doorstep after this saga. Maybe he'd be cool, maybe he'd have a laugh about the whole overblown situation, or maybe he'd act like an idiot again.

I guess we'll probably never know.

Unknown said...

Jeehaw said...

Hey, Sad:

Your blog has now reached across the country to Florida, North Carolina, and Maryland. And with Digg, it's certainly global by now.

I figure if somebody does something in public, they shouldn't be embarrassed by the public seeing it. And as far as I'm concerned, a pizza transaction is a public interaction.

Good reporting. Too bad they're shooting the messenger.
August 27, 2008 8:06 PM

I hope nobody like this ever does something stupid at the near end of their "hard" day at work. Without realizing it might end up at (PostMormonForums) for the general public to view. Much less, a-hole bunch of other hemorrhoid lacking apertures!

Joseph's Myth

Brillig said...

Well, I'd say that you now have more than 10 readers... :-D

I've just moved away from Utah, so I can't cast my vote. But you'd better believe that my vote WOULD have gone to RaDene, who I know personally, and know would NEVER treat another human being with this kind of disrespect. Shame on Mr. Bramble. And, while I know you didn't ever intend for this post to turn into this circus, I salute you. You've done a good thing here.

Lee S. said...

Great story with awesome buzz. You're my new hero.

Bramble is an ass and always has been. I lived in Provo for 20 years, in his general neighborhood, and have seen him in action first-hand. To those who claim is abrasiveness is somehow a positive trait, I say "Rudeness is a weak man's imitation of strength." (Eric Hoffer).

Anyway, good luck dealing with all the hype. Oh, and one suggestion: use a different color scheme. Reading blue on purple for 15 minutes has caused my eyes to pop out of my head.

Anonymous said...
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