Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I slept better last night than I have in months, which surprised me because I am conflicted about this situation with Senator Bramble. I'm sure I am more bothered than the senator, as he must regularly endure much worse criticism and publicity as a public figure. But it's not every day people listen to my quiet voice, so I want to make sure I express myself as clearly as possible, even if no one is reading anymore. Good sleep was what I needed to do it.

My letter to Senator Bramble:

"Dear Senator Bramble,

"I am sorry if my blog about my recent experience with you caused you a headache. In my naivete, I thought that, since I am not a public figure, no one would notice anything I said on my blog or elsewhere. Clearly, I neglected to consider the possible ramifications of what I thought was the innocent telling of an interesting story to my friends and family. I guess I no longer deserve your praise for handling the situation professionally.

"I do not excuse my actions, but I do not excuse yours either [. . .] there are better ways to express frustration and displeasure than to rant and belittle others. There are better ways to get what you want than to wave your accomplishments and titles in front of others. Some people respond only to aggression, and I say be aggressive with them. Aggression has its place, but generally assertiveness is as effective and avoids alienating, offending, or degrading others. My boss might well have accepted your check after a calm, rational discussion. Unfortunately, because of your rudeness, my manager and I were upset, and I was uncomfortable, to say the least. Shame on you, Senator.

"Shame on me for my mistake. I think we would both be happier if we had acted differently.

The Pizza Girl

I signed my name on the actual letter, but I may as well try to maintain anonymity here.

I am assertive! Huzzah!

Current song: There can be no music when I am writing seriously.


Lizzy Lou said...

Wow, good for you! I am very proud of you that you were able to take the upperhand in this and be the bigger person. You are so amazing!

Mike and Emily said...

What a hassle! Seriously! I think you've handled it wonderfully and I applaud you for doing so!

Karen said...

Anna, I hadn't listened to the whole radio show this morning. I think you are doing a great job handling the situation. Anyone who had the same experience and has a blog would have written an entry about it. Including the radio guys. Senator Bramble made the mistake of identifying himself as a public figure if he didn't want bad press for getting angry.

Liz said...

It's funny how things happen--you never can tell what people are going to pick up on and run with. Did you know how all the press people found your blog? Do you just have lots of readers in the press?

Who knows what else you could get people to talk about? You're like the puppet master! :)

I don't think you're 19, by the way...when I was listening to the radio story, I was thinking, wow, I didn't realize she was 19. She seems so much more mature than that... :)

Incidentally, nightside (is that the ksl people's name?) seems to think that you're going to get fired. I don't see that happening...

Michael said...

You are 100% correct; nobody should have to put up with that kind of treatment for any reason. And certainly not from a so-called 'leader'.

Kate R said...

I came for the Bramble (it's going to get worse because you're front paged on and am sticking around for the sanity.

Congratulations on the aunt-hood! Now that is fabulous. Listen, he's an important lesson in aunt-dom. Don't buy them noisy or obnoxious toys because when/if your turn comes for having kids, your sister(s) and brother(s) will not have forgotten. BTDT, have the throbbing eardrums to prove it.

ThatTallGuy said...

You don't know me, but your post made Daily Kos -- among other places I'm sure.

Just wanted you to know that I think you had nothing to apologize for. The Senator and you were involved in a business transaction no different from if he had come into the store to buy the pizza, which means to me he had no reasonable expectation of privacy.

From the perspective of a service worker such as yourself, exposing maltreatment of a service worker by a person in public life is certainly also reasonable -- and blogs are perfectly reasonable venues to discuss personal events.

I see no viewpoint from which you need be ashamed. Both as a human being and as a person doing a job they asked/paid you to do (aka "a professional") you deserve your say.

P.S. On a completely unrelated note, all pizza delivery people should read the first chapter of "Snow Crash" by Neal Stephenson. :D

George said...

Young lady,

May I compliment you on taking the asshat politician to task. Good for you. Huzzah!

I'm an old fart, 63 years. I hate to admit that over my years I may have behaved as badly as the senator. However, I am trainable and learned my lesson in time. Maybe he will too.

Alas, he is a politician. That alone should tell you something. In my experience politicians are all (gross generalization, but I assert that the generalization applies to 99+% of all politicians) alike, Democrat, Republican, whatever. They do not go into politics for the public service they proclaim. They go into it to get rich, have more power than is warranted to their ability. To a soul they all suffer some level of Malignant Narcisism. They all think themselves more important than anyone else. In otherwords, they are all, universally evil people. Watch your back.

Thanks for outing another narcisist asshat.