Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Limelight

So this Bramble thing was kind of fun at first. I felt pretty cool having people praise, encourage, and defend me for telling the story. The personal attacks are not so fun, though. I don't regret having told the story, but I wish I had been calmer and more thoughtful. I would have been if I had thought anyone would actually read it. I don't like all this attention. Bramble's a public figure. He has to deal with publicity, good and bad, on a regular basis. I, on the other hand, have spent my whole life trying to become invisible. (I guess a blog is not a good way to be invisible.) For Bramble, this is life, but for me it is hell.

I have good intentions, but I am imperfect. Please have some charity. I am doing my best. Please leave me in peace.


Bob said...

I am sorry for any pain this may have caused you.

Sad for a While said...


I am Laura said...

I think you write very well and people have no reason to attack you for what happened. I have a few blogs too and I have never felt like anyone would read them but my family so I understand why you raised the issue and I know that you didn't think it would ever get blown up so big as it has. I hope you can forget what the mean people have said and move on because you did nothing wrong.

Roobah Fox said...

Sad for a while,

Your blog was a hit because you hit the nail right on the head with your observations. THAT is what made it such a hit. If you had completely mischaracterized the man, believe me, only your friends and family would have read the post. The fact that so many have had your same experiences with Sen. C.B. indicates you are not in lone company.

The sign of a good writer is one who tells the story as it is observed BY THE WRITER. If your perspectives are considered "interesting" your writing will be much appreciated. SO, don't tailor your blogs to anyone but yourself and your interests. Keep writing your stories of your daily life.

Grimshizzle said...

You got nothing to feel bad about and nothing to apologize for. People who choose to live in the public spotlight should take more care to not be obnoxious to the people that they interact with. Lighten up on yourself! :)

utah voter said...

Just finished listening to your comments on 102.7. I think you are amazing, articulate, and genuine. I am one who has spent many years trying to make sense of how things take place on the hill. I have visited the capitol on many occasions in complete bewilderment wondering how so many of our legislators miss the boat when it comes to reading the pulse of their constituents. I have often thought there must be a great deal of intimidating tactics taking place from those in leadership positions. Your story has added some validity to my thought process. I think we need to be very careful to elect rational men and women who can remain calm under pressure to our Utah legislature in '08. In my opinion, you are correct. Bramble is a PUBLIC official. You had every right to bring this incident to our attention. Thank you. I think that more of us need to speak out openly when we see our representatives behaving badly. I know that I will from here on out.
Go Anna!

Bonnie said...

Aside from whether he is a public figure or not--NO person has a right to treat another unkindly. He ordered a pizza. He is responsible to pay for the pizza when it is delivered. He has no right to take his frustrations or disagreements out on the person who delivers the pizza. He should apologize. He was WAY out of line. Go ahead and blog! It's your right!

Dalene said...

I agree with the above. It's too bad you are taking some heat merely for being honest and telling the truth. People shouldn't treat people like that anyway, but people in the public spotlight should be especially careful to have integrity of word and action.

I'm sorry you are suffering personal attacks, but I applaud you for telling it like it is.

If more people had your courage I'm sure there would be less of a sense of entitlement among so many of our elected officials.

AzĂșcar said...

Hey Dalene, fancy meeting you here!

Look, it's a blog. Blogs are where we go to tell our stories and our perspectives. You aren't required to act like some sort of journalist. You're writing your experiences and you never need to apologize for that.

Any time we put something up in a semi-public format we can expect that we might take some heat, I've gone through it a lot. It hurts sometimes and other times I can defend myself with not a care. It's easy for people to say things to you because they don't have to do it in person.

You can't change your experience and you are entitled to it. I'm glad you wrote down your encounter.

Victor said...

Hey Pizza Girl,

I'm the dad of four daughters and I hope they all turn out to be as intelligent and thoughtful as you.

Mr. Bramble is a bully and has been for as long as I've paid attention to politics. You hit the nail on the head when you pointed out that he's arrogant and illogical.

I hope that none of my kids turn out to be like him.

Kimberly & Hank said...

If you want to be left alone, why did you agree to be on the news about it?

Sad for a While said...

Dear Kimberly and Hank,

You ask a legitimate question, and I appreciate that you did so nicely and calmly unlike some of the other readers. Since your question is a common one, I have answered it in a new post.

utah voter said...
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David said...

Just enjoy the ride! Sounds like you have a great future ahead of you, so don't be so sad.. for a while.

sunspark said...

I suppose that I should not be surprised that you are being attacked; that is what callous people do, and you've certainly hit a nerve among callous people.

I heard you tell the radio guys that you were and English major; please accept another compliment from a stranger on your writing. I am a writer and a writing teacher, and you have a lovely style. I hope you consider parlaying this "15 minutes" into a way of getting your voice heard by more than the "20 people" who, a week or so ago, were the total of your blog readers.