Tuesday, August 26, 2008

From the Mouths of Babes

Megan (5) looks at her little pink diary and wags a stubby pencil in the air. "I could write something in cursive. Or something in Spanish," she says, thoughtfully. Then, looking at me as though revelatory lightning has struck, "Wait! I don't know how to write!"

Current song: "Great Escape," Guster


Karen said...

Jared and I read this post last night and laughed almost to tears. It needs to go on the refrigerator.
I also showed Jared the older post about the roly-poly and ants. We had a good laugh about that one also. I think Megan's fear for the roly-poly stems from seeing Ben accidentally drop one on a large pile of ants which proceeded to attack it and carry it off, with all of his roly-poly legs flailing in the air.
In conclusion to this long post,a) ants are ruthless b)my kids are hilarious! Thanks for watching them last night, we really appreciate your help!

Snobahr said...

Heh. My 4 yr old son is the same way. Doesn't stop'im from trying, though!

dj4aces said...

That's cute. Does Megan know any Spanish? I remember learning both cursive writing and basic Spanish at her age... Ah, those were the good old days.

Brian said...

Cute post, but I'm more into the music you're listening to. Guster rocks. :)

I'm one of your Bramble-incident gained readers, by the way. I like Senator Bramble quite well, actually, but he's sometimes hard to understand from an outside perspective. Still, I think you could find a lot of redeeming qualities in him, given the time.

Linda said...

So I've cought up on your blog. After reading this one, and Karen's comment, I went on a search through your other posts looking for her reference to the roly polies and the ants. So I ended up reading all of it- the blog, that is. And you had me laughing a ton and feeling deeply, almost to the point of tears in other places. You have a real gift. And that's bringing me close to tears again. I miss you. You should come to NC and live with me. Chuck needs to hire a couple people for his front office. You could work there 4 days a week and have more time for writing and whatever else you love. I would love that. I can dream, can't I? Our guest room even has furniture now. We're ready for you!
Call me and let me know what your other question was. I enjoyed talking to you the other night. I miss my family!
Love you forever,

Katy said...

Aww, I love being reminded about the little things that make life silly and fun.