Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Several people asked me today if I blogged about the election results. (These days every conversation I have with people seems to involve them asking me if I have blogged about something or telling me I should do so.) Really, I was avoiding talking about the election because an exhaustive email discussion over the past week with some friends about Proposition 8 has left me disgusted with politics. Nonetheless, here's what I think.

McCain's speech was excellent, and I hope the Obama haters will take a lesson from McCain's gracious attitude. Why can't candidates act like that during the race?

I am disappointed that RaDene lost and Bramble won. Maybe I will egg his house. (Just kidding, but maybe someone else will do it now that I've planted the idea. I am still amazed at the impact of my little voice.)

I believe the potential for good equals the potential for evil in every person and in every situation. When I was growing up, whenever some adult talked to me about reaching my potential, I thought, "Which one?" (Sometimes I think I fear to use my influence because I know that I have the power to hurt as much as to help--and it's far more power than I like to admit or want to have.) We have just chosen which candidates we will allow to show us their potential, and now our elected officials will decide for themselves to work towards either their potential for good or their potential for ill. I like to hope that the leaders we don't like and in whom we have little faith will surprise us. I find most people surprise me in a good way when I give them the chance.

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FamiLee said...

I voted for RaDene! I am really sorry that Bramble won...but Utah County has not let in many females! Go figure. I hope that Bramble will take this opportunity to grow up and be a much less arrogant Representative.

I agree with Prop 8. Thanks for blogging again.

myabominableforcefield said...

Oh dear! Well, I live in Springville so I wasn't even eligible to vote against the nut even though I still had to put up with his dumb signs on almost every street corner. But know that I feel your pain! I just had to sit back and watch as he and Chris Buttars were reelected even though they didn't deserve to be. It's so discouraging!

Liz said...

RaDene had two things against her--she is a woman in Utah County, and a democrat. Those are tough odds, but I appreciated her running so that we had a choice to vote for. If nothing else, I hope that those in power who were re-elected to many positions in our local Senate and House will recognize that there are those who were unhappy with their performance and would love for them to take this chance to turn things around.

I don't really think they will, but I'd like for that to happen...I'll keep imagining it will happen. I'd love to have legislators who cared what I thought!