Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Little Justice

I found out that, while Bramble was re-elected to State Senate, he did not retain his position as majority leader. As hard as I have tried over the past few days to stifle my childish response to this, I give up and have one word now: sucker! But, to be completely serious and considerably more mature, I doubt this experience has changed Bramble, but perhaps it is at least part of a series of experiences that will humble him. We all need those experiences that force the pride right out of our bodies in beads of anxious, God-fearing sweat. Myself included.

Current songs: various Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas music (kind of blends together into one long song). I'm going to the TSO concert in Salt Lake this Thursday!


FamiLee said...

I completely agree!! I hope that Bramble will find a new self...you are right, we all should. (But most of us do not represent Utahn's)

dj4aces said...

I guess there are minor victories, at least. I'm sorry you still have to live with him as a representative of your district, though.

Spencer G said...

I love the trans-siberian during Christmas. How was the concert? I stopped going to them after two of them were exactly the same--even the commentary.