Sunday, October 23, 2011

Indoor plants

We bought a pothos plant yesterday. In addition to adding a natural splash to your decor, indoor plants are a great way to keep your home's air clean. I found this list of the top 20 air purifying plants. Number one is the Boston fern. Pothos isn't on the list, but I read somewhere else that it's also a pretty good purifier. From what I've read, you need about one 6'' plant per 100 square feet to keep your air clear. One down ten to go.


pame said...

What a nice idea to naturally purify the air, and pretty to look at as well! I remember long ago living in the compound in Japan where the trees surrounding the yard helped clean the air of all the car fumes, and also muffled the noise. The trees along Memorial Drive show the horrible effects of all that car pollution.

pame said...

Comment #2: Love the look on Ada Ruth's plump little face, but where is the beauty whose hands are holding her up??

Newt said...

COOL. I'm glad to see your blog up and in business Anna. :)

I agree plants are great for the home environment. I somehow keep acquiring them and have probably almost 15 now. They just make me happy to be around. And I've read that they improve the air too.