Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ada-bo-bada's Blessing Dress

Last Sunday, Ada received her infant blessing in church. Both sets of grandparents flew in for the occasion (whirlwind trips of 24 hours for my parents from Boston and 36 hours for Richard's parents from San Diego), and we were so busy with a tiny house full of people that we didn't get around to taking pictures of Ada in her blessing dress until a week later. Unfortunately, she was in the mood for a nap, not a photo shoot. Nevertheless, Richard managed a few pictures without her screaming. My mom made Ada's dress out of the skirt of my wedding gown, and Ada's bracelet was a gift from Richard's mom.


Katy said...

Lovely! I love the idea of using some of your wedding gown for the dress. How special.

pame said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures of baby Ada Ruth. Now, how about some pictures of Mom and Dad and Ada Ruth?!