Monday, September 1, 2008

Politics? Me?

Last week, RaDene, Bramble's opponent in the upcoming election, came into Nicolitalia and asked Nick to have me call her (I wasn't working). Apparently, she wants me to get involved in her campaign. When Nick told me, I just laughed. Me? Choose to get involved in a political campaign? Definitely one of the funniest things I've ever heard! 

But I've been thinking about it. Nick said it could open doors I don't yet know exist, and Shaant, my best friend from back home, said, "Look, life just dealt you a way cooler hand than the one you've been playing lately. Besides, it's been a long time since you did something ridiculous." It's true, but the ridiculous things I used to do were more along the lines of spontaneously drawing big yellow smiley faces and taping them to apartment doors or baking cookies and sending them to friends on the other side of the country. Besides, after meeting Bramble, there's no way I'll vote for him--I'll vote for RaDene--but there's a difference between choosing to do something yourself and telling other people to make the same choice. So I read RaDene's whole website--including the part that explains how to pronounce her name. From what I read and from meeting her briefly, I could tell people to vote for her. 

I was worried at first that she doesn't have enough experience since she has been a full-time mom for so many years, but she has the educational background for politics and plenty of community involvement. And, you know, who is better suited for leadership than a person who can raise healthy, happy children and keep their family well enough in order to balance family and community activity? I know a lot of parents who can't do that (I'll bet we all do). Besides, it's not like she's running for President of the United States. As my roommate said, it's like that first "real" job--you apply for dozens of positions, and everyone tells you you need experience but no one will give you the experience. What you really need is to be an intelligent decision-maker, a fast learner, and a dedicated servant (in the best sense of the word). RaDene's community involvement and personal life convince me we should take the risk and break the Catch-22.

I suppose I should call RaDene now that I've decided to help her campaign. I wonder what she wants me to do. Maybe I'll just have to blog...

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FamiLee said...

I love reading your blogs. You have a way with words. Are you a writer? I think that it is a great direction for you.

A lot of people in Utah County are afraid to say things, but, the people need to know! I feel sorry for Bramble because he must be really insecure to have the need to tie his title with who he is. Isn't he one of us? Apparently not. I am embarrassed that he represents us.

You should go for it! I will need to read up on this RaDene...haven't heard anything.

dj4aces said...

Here's to wishing you the best in the wonderful world of politics! Well, it's not all that much of a wonderful world, but having worked on a couple local campaigns myself, it's also not like a chore, either. I think you'll really have fun with it.

Best of luck to you on the campaign trail! :)

Annie said...

Take the chance. Who knows where life will lead? But if you don't you can guarentee that it will pretty much stay the same. Good luck! I still enjoy your blog even after the political stuff. You do have a good style of writing. Or in other words..... You Go Girl!

Anonymous said...

I am no preacher or great man but I have learned some very simple things.
When you pray for patience God gives you opportunities to be patient. When you pray to God for help, he gives you opportunities to help and be helped in doing so. It looks like you have been given an extraordinary opportunity to serve the common good by bringing to politics what it needs most, young intelligent, thoughtful, empathetic people, such as yourself.
You are young and the world lays before you. I recommend you make all your decisions based on these three simple rules:
1. First, do no harm. Harm no one in mind, body, or spirit and no thing.
2. Be sincere in action and in word.
3. Help whenever you can.

The world can be a harsh and terrible place but it doesn't have to be. God gives us opportunities to grow stronger and stand against the ugliness. Its up to us to take them.

Great occasions do not make heroes or cowards; they simply unveil them to the eyes of men. Silently and imperceptibly, as we wake or we sleep we grow strong or weak; and at last some crisis shows what we have become.
-Brooke Foss Westcott

vixy said...

Your thoughts on leadership are simple and profound. It seems like a rare and great thing to find someone you can believe in like that.

You handled an ugly situation and someone's ugly behavior with grace, and who'd have thought it would lead somewhere like this? :)

Go for it-- I hope it works out wonderfully for you!