Friday, September 12, 2008

I Think I'm Funny: Flag Football

I'm playing intramural flag football this semester. That in and of itself is hilarious to me. I spent most of our first practice laughing at the thought of myself flailing about in an actual game. I spent the second practice trying to make our coach Lucas laugh because he was acting way too serious to be coaching a lower division intramural team.

Lucas: All right, we're going to run a 2. Do you remember which one that is?
Lacey: In and out! In and out!
Me: Down and in! Down and in! The other one's a burger joint!

Lucas, inexplicably, found this sidesplitting.

Current song: "Insignificant," Janelle Lamb (yeah, you don't know her and won't find her on Google)


Lizzy Lou said...

Hahaha, that was funny! You're so amusing =)

Dale Kemp said...

And cute too.


CS said...

and you rock at flag football!!! i'm so glad you're having fun. i'm having a blast!!! :)

dj4aces said...

That was quite funny! Your posts always seem to brighten my day.