Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cold Hands

I almost quit my job tonight. It snowed all day. Thinking tonight would be slow at work like last Saturday, when it snowed all day, Nick gave half the employees the night off. He gave me the option of staying home, but I said I would come, especially since he said we could close early. Well, the night turned out to be just as busy as any weekend night. We didn't make deliveries because 1) the roads were bad and 2) we were understaffed. At one point, Nick told me to stop answering the phones all together because we had more orders than he could handle without Andrew there to toss dough. Nick was so stressed out that he started swearing under his breath at the customers. He yelled at me because I didn't tell him to bake a roll, though I actually had told him. ("Nick, I need another roll." "I just took two out of the oven." "I know. I need another one." 20 minutes later: "You didn't tell me you needed a roll! Now I have to wait to get this order out!") He kept saying how much he hates people in Provo and blaming his stress on the customers. Really, it was his fault for telling everyone to take the night off. He hates having everyone come in and then sending them home early when it's slow. He thinks it's a hassle for us to come to work for only an hour or two and do nothing but fold boxes. Frankly, I would rather come in and be sent home early when I'm not needed than endure Nick yelling and swearing because we are understaffed. When the dinner rush was over, I had to wash dishes because the woman who does that took the night off. Washing dishes was particularly miserable because the restaurant's second hot water tank is not installed yet, and we run out of hot water often. Nick told me to scrub everything with cold water so there would be enough hot water to run the sanitizing machine, which meant I spent 5 hours with my hands in water that was barely above freezing temperature. I seriously considered quitting as I brooded in the dish corner, but by the time I left at 1 a.m., I had calmed down.

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