Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Affair with the UPS Guy

I've been doing some online back-to-school shopping. Between that and the increase in packages from my father ever since he discovered Costco online, I've been seeing the UPS driver frequently. Yesterday, he thanked me for keeping him in a job. Today, he simply said, "Good to see you again!" He's become so familiar that I've been struck with embarassment at the disarray in which he sees my living room every day, so I'm actually cleaning the apartment for the sake of the UPS guy.

Current song: Led Zeppelin, "Kashmir"


Bekah said...

Thanks for the morning laugh. I like to give our UPS delivery lady banana bread when she drops off (yet another) package.

Shelly Beson said...

You seem like you would like Brandi Carlile. Listen to "Hiding my heart" you'll melt.

nattyg said...

Oh my I don't know you but I love you. I totally do this kind of thing.