Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Humor Me

Okay, so I am slightly calmer than I was when I wrote my post a few minutes ago. I have a question. I have been thinking about it all day and have come up with several answers, which I may or may not share at a later time. This is not a rhetorical question--I really want your answers. To those of you who do not know me: Why do you read my blog? Most of you started reading it because of the Bramble post, but why continue to read it? I had a professor who said that people are naturally voyeuristic--that's why we write and read novels (or blogs). But why is that true? What do we get from examining other people's lives, especially lives as mundane as mine? I am particularly curious to hear answers from people who don't like me. The people who do like me could give that as their answer--you relate to me, you like my writing style, you simply like me. But if you don't like me, why would you read what I write? It seems like a waste of time to me, but you're reading, so you obviously don't think it's a waste of your time. I honestly have been thinking about this all day as well as off and on since I acquired my extended readership. I can speculate, but I don't want speculations. I want to hear your actual reasons.


Dale Kemp said...

Since I'm always looking for a reason to NOT study for my physics class I have decided take a break and be the first to answer your question.

Am I "naturally voyeuristic"? Maybe, but let me ask you a question. Do you not recognize that you are an interesting person?

I enjoy your writing and sense that there is some talent there that you haven't shared much with the world. Have you ever done any short stories, fiction, poetry or that sort of stuff that you would be willing to put up here? I would love to read them if you would. I'm sure that I am not the only one.

You attracted a lot of attention with the whole Bramble thing but that's not why people stay. So I have to wonder...why are you "sad for a while"?

Give yourself some credit.

I think you're cool.


P.S. I think that a certain named but unnamed individual is completely disgusted with me since I made it clear that I wasn't interested in the Republican Party anymore. He hasn't emailed me in days. It's either that or maybe I seemed too unconcerned about the "automatic delegate controversy". I understand it but I just don't really care anymore. The SLCo GOP is too screwed up for repair. Time to scrap the whole thing and start over.

Vote Constitution Party!!!

(Yes Mike, I'm talking about you) ;-)

Cameron's Corner said...

I think you have two types of people. You have those with public blogs who spend time updating their own blogs, as well as perusing the blogs of other individuals they find interesting and worth reading.

Then you have the other type. They don't have a blog (or if they do, it's not public and they hide behind their anonymous screenname), but still choose to read your blog just to find reasons to deride.

Those people are idiots. If I ever received a negative, passive-aggressive comment on my blog, I'd click on their name to see what type of person they are. If they didn't have anything to view, then I'd just ignore them or remove their comments.

If you remove their comments quickly enough, they'll eventually get bored and go find some animals to torture since they don't have anyone who loves them. Right, Every Little Detail?

Just Me said...

I started due to the Bramble thing. But I stayed because I like the way you write. It's subtly witty and you don't just ramble on and on like I always seem to do. Short but sweet, and always interesting.
And I actually blogged about you. Well, mostly about the voyer idea, but you are mentioned.

Misty Fowler said...

I started reading because of the Bramble thing. I've got your other blog subscribed to in my RSS reader, and I thought this one was, too. Apparently not - since you linked back over here from the other blog today, I took a look to see what I'd been missing. I'm attempting to subscribe to this one again, too.

Anyway, your blog is interesting, that's why we read. :)

Question - since I have a bit to catch up on from your past posts, I noticed that one of your recent ones mentioned mania and depression. You may have already answered this, but I'm guessing you are bipolar? Or is it just a figure of speech? (I ask because I'm bipolar, though the worst of my battle was years ago)

Jeanette said...

Dear Sad,

As one of those “eaves droppers” I have often asked myself why I keep coming back. I first visited when I heard about Pizza Girl vs. Mr. Senate Majority Leader. I enjoyed the way that you laid out the story. Having personally observed some of that same behavior in your pizza customer, I could totally see the picture you had painted. I thought that your reaction to the reactions of those who read your blog was very courteous, intelligent and mature (age has nothing to do with maturity – observe any number of elected officials in the majority). I am guessing that the rest of the fanfare will make more sense in your mind with a little bit of time passing.

I have not really been a fan of blogs in the past (call me a 20th Century kind of girl), because they are generally preaching to the choir. But then, I have mostly been exposed to political blogs. You have changed my way of thinking. So, I think that is one reason that I come back to your blog. To see and learn how the blogging world works. I do feel like a voyeur and I apologize.

However, I think the other reason (and more important one) is that I like your style of writing and I think that you have many profound things to say, even if you think they are mundane. While I don’t know a thing about you (haven’t read any of your past blogs, because I don’t want to be nosy), I find you fascinating. Your insights are amazing and the way that you portray them in your writing keeps me coming back. I agree with Dale that you need to recognize that you have a gift and explore those possibilities.

My only other advice to you would be to have patience with yourself. There are many of us who are or have been in those dark places where I suspect you have been. Two things I learned that changed my life are: 1) I am worth the space I take up. It is not based on what I do or who I am. I am worthy just because I am here. 2) I don’t have to be perfect. That is a hard one to achieve, but it’s well worth the effort.

Keep being yourself. It may be that we were all sent to your blog because you have something to teach us. And, don’t let those whiney jerks get to you. As Maxine says,

'Be who you are and say what you feel...
Because those that matter... don't mind...
And those that mind... don't matter.'

A Long-Winded Admirer

Sad for a While said...

In answer to a couple questions, I have bipolar II disorder. My manias (actually called hypomania, in my case) are mild to the point that even people who know me well don't often notice them, and they usually result in good things like cleaning my whole apartment, asking boys on dates, and hiking through the British countryside. My depression has been severe in the past. I started going to counseling 4 years ago because I would wake up at 11am for my noon class, cry in my bowl of ceareal until my Frosted Mini Wheats had turned to Cream of Wheat, and then go back to bed. I do better now, but that is why I am "Sad for a While." Someday, I will be comfortable enough with myself, my talents and my weaknesses, to more fully use the gifts God gave me. This is part of how I'm working up to that. And I don't my the voyeurism. If I was uncomfortable sharing, I wouldn't. There are plenty of things I don't share.

FamiLee said...

So when I first heard about blogging...I thought it was kind of "Stalk-ish". Seriously a bit creepy. But eventually I ended up blogging....for the whole world to see.
I LOVE your writing style and I am seriously hoping that you put out a book. You could write about nothing and it would be the most interesting book...Seinfield.
I agree with "just me"...you have an amazing talent with writing. You are candid, honest, witty, and very refreshing!

Doughboy said...

hey there

i am from the pizzagate faction of readers, i followed a link from i think either the guardian or popbitch in England. I added you to my feeds to keep up with your story. and also cos at the time I fancied writing a blog myself. I've since wondered a few times why I am writing one myself (like so many others it seems there's lots of writers and not that many readers) but I think that's okay cos there's two basic reasons why one writes a blog: either you want loads of people to know your truth (political/amusing/whatnot) or else you just have too many (possibly mundane) thoughts in your head and it is almost therapy to get them out. I am a guilty member of the reason-number-two gang.

so i started reading your blog (cutting a long story not that short) to see what a blog was. an 'ordinary' person blog.
i also just find it interesting to hear what people different to myself have to say. different perspective - you don't have to agree or find it wildly 'interesting', it's just good to hear different voices.
your blogs are pithy & you like REM so that's alright with me.

Heather said...

I first came to your blog from a link on Segullah, someone blogging there referenced your post about delivering pizza to that politician. I loved your writing style in that post. I keep reading not only because of your writing style but also relate to you having gone to BYU.
That is sad to me that some people read your blog who aren't nice to you. (Sorry that sounded like little kid talk, but that is my mentality for the majority of the day.)

dj4aces said...

I, like most others, started reading because of "Pizzagate."

I continue to read your blog simply because I think you're interesting. I enjoy your brand of humor and style of writing. I also think you're intelligent, and that also intrigues me.

Deimos said...

Naturally Voyeuristic? Yup.

I started reading your blog when the whole Bramble shindig went down. At the time I was in Taiwan, away from my family on a business trip. I felt very alone which, I feel, allowed me to connect with your writing. Your blog helped me through until I could get home. I thank you for that.

The Dancing Newt said...

I read your blog because I am a creep-o.

Sad for a While said...

Yeah, Newt, you are a creep-o ;)

qweirdutah said...

I started because someone forwarded me the pizza thing. I keep reading for many reasons.
1. I like to read and you are a good writer, and an even better storyteller.
2. You aren't 6 years old. Or 2 years old. Most of my conversations these days are with that age demographic.
3. Somtimes blogs make me feel sane.
4. I don't have a job right now and someone can only drink so many lattes and do wii fit for so long.

maturner said...

I'll admit I stopped by after the Bramble/Pizza incident. It was extremely funny...still is!

I check in every once in awhile, because I like how you write. I guess that makes me a blog stalker!

KevinL said...

I just started reading your blog today. I found it when I was checking my statcounter for my blog and saw someone had googled "food delivery blog". I wondered what else I would find and I found your story.

Annie & Roo said...

Hi. Technically I know you so you aren't really looking for my response, but I'm responding anyway. I've met you in person and have actually spent a good amount of time in your company. But I don't know you as well as I wish I did. That's why I read your blog. I admire the way you can share your real self with people - though not all of it as I'm sure there's a lot you don't say. I can hardly ever do that - by blog or in real life. I'm too crippled by shyness and lack of confidence. So I read what you say to get to know you as I wish I could have done in person. And I find I relate to you and to how you feel, though I can't express it like you can. That is fascinating for me.

I see that you have many admirers. And its not because you peddle or campaign your awesomeness around. You are real. So you can know that all these people like you for your most honest self. I think that is the ultimate compliment to you.

plus you tell people to "get the hell over it" - which in its context was very much called for.


jani said...

Why do I read Cartoon Brick Wall? I'm one of those folks sporadically reading your blog since the Bramble post. I enjoy the slightly melancholy tone of your truth and the wordsmith skill evident in your writings. Your tone is eerily reminiscent of the paper journals I wrote in my twenties. I too struggled with depression but, like you, kept working and observing. After tens of thousands of dollars spent on therapy I am actually fairly sane most days and have a fantastic dual career as an artist and a substance abuse social worker in a veteran’s 28 day program.

I am touched by your sweetness and send you little prayers from time to time. Just my way of sending kindness to a stranger: Blessings, Janice

Thad said...

Thanks for you question.

Indeed, I began to read your blog after the Bramble pizza story, because you have such a wonderful constellation of qualities -- naivete, yes, but also honor, humor, and a strong sense of right and wrong.

As a 48 year old guy, it's just hard for me to get insight into the lives of young people. Hearing from you, who clearly articulates what it's like to be young in today's world is enlightening.

Call it voyeurism if you must, but I think of it as just trying to figure out the world that we all live in.

Thad Beier

Sea_Gal said...

I had never heard of your blog. I have had my own run in with Mr. Bramble. I was sent the link to the pizzagate post last night. I came back today because you're a good writer and I was cureous about you as a person. I love how with blogging you see the world through different eyes and "meet" people you would not normaly come across in daily life. I think it's your wit and honesty that keep people coming back.

SKye said...

I came for the Pizza. I stayed for the conversation.

I watch a lot of media (I like DVDs and TV shows that I watch on the computer, 'cause I hate TV [commercials]), and your blog entertains my brain. I probably wouldn't have added it to my Google feed had I not noticed one day that you mentioned something about being LDS; LDS blogs intrigue me, I find it easy to write about the things that interest me, but difficult to write about the things that are most dear to my heart, and you have such a way of expressing your feelings/ideas that you have. I hope that one day I will get the courage to do likewise. But, I do enjoy reading, regardless of my own abilities. In essence you are a sort of role-model, but it has nothing to do with Bramble, even though that is what encouraged me to read your blog in the first place. Keep up the good work.

Shelly Beson said...

I read because I think you're brave, a trait I lack but I'm working on it.


Bill Lee Goat said...

I got caught in the Bramble story. You style and wit keep me coming back. You're like that energizer bunny that got thrown into the Bramble-briar patch. Like the Wabbit said, "Please don't throw me in the briar patch!" Well your blog-story went there and became a classic. I chuckle at your perspective, humor and the challenges you face. So many out here derive wisdom from your words. Keep zappin the words of those deriders.

MA & PA Walker said...

I came to your site last week after a search on Bramble. I came back today to see if you had any comments about the election results. I read various blogs to gain perspectives and stimulate my thought process. Unfortunately, I also sometimes read blogs to take my mind off of more pressing matters -- a diversion. I note that people write blogs for varied reasons. Logic states that if one blogs openly, then one should be accepting of all that read or follow that blog. I've only read a few of your posts, but (in the spirit of brainstorming or throwing-up ideas,) some people blog because they're lonely. I hope the best for you! Thanks for the blogs! Time for me to get back to work! -- Pa Walker.