Sunday, February 24, 2008

Solved Mysteries

I had been meaning to look up all those "-ceps" on wikipedia, when, while watching my older brother adjust my younger brother's misaligned pelvic bone this evening, I realized if anyone knew the answer to my muscle quandary, my brother would. This is what I learned:

1. The front of the thigh has four separate muscles collectively called the quadricep.
2. Biceps and triceps are called such because they have two and three muscle bellies. Basically, the bicep has two branches that come together at one end; similarly, the tricep has three branches that come together at one end.
3. There is no such muscle as a monocep.


The Dancing Newt said...

When my littlest sister found out about why the octopus is so named, she was so excited and asked about all of the numerical prefixes. She then proceeded to draw pictures of octopus-like creature with seven legs ("septapus"), five legs ("pentapus"), all the way down to a one-legged creature, duly named "unipus."


Blogger said...

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